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Best Leather Camera Straps Available Now

A nice camera strap is both great for your camera and for you. Here are the 10 best leather camera straps.

Aside from being a life or death matter for your camera, a great camera strap could be a very stylish camera accessory to add to your arsenal, and leather camera straps are all the rage. Here are the ten best leather camera straps on the market.

The Presidio Leather Camera Strap - Dark Truffle by ONA

This leather neck strap is the creme of the crop and is certainly tough to beat in terms of the best leather camera straps. The Presidio is made of authentic leather. This strap is touted for its heavy thickness, durability, and gorgeous look. This strap could be a little heavy, so consider purchasing this accessory if you have a heavier camera body.

Leather Camera Strap by b.still

Made by hand from vegetable cowhide, this leather camera strap holds cameras up to five pounds, making it sturdy enough for large cameras. This neck strap is intentionally extra long, along with superb durability, so even the bulkiest of cameras can be carried comfortably for hours. This strap also features neck and shoulder pads to make carrying a camera as comfortable as possible. 

Legacy Wrist Strap by Tap&Dye

The Legacy by Tap&Dye is the premier wrist strap on the market. While some wrist straps can be on the flimsy side, not the Legacy, this a sturdy strap that can withstand a beating, making it one of the best leather camera straps available.

Classic Leather Camera Strap by Bluecell

This brown leather camera strap has all the features of a camera strap one could desire. This strap distributes the weight of the camera evenly, between both shoulders and the neck, meaning the camera is always within reach. This is also one of the most affordable leather straps on the market making this strap a great buy for your camera.

Lincoln Camera Strap by A7NYC

Made of butter soft leather, the Lincoln Camera Strap makes for a very flexible and comfortable fit. Solely dedicated to making camera accessories, A7NYC deserved a spot on this list of best leather camera straps and this is one of their top-selling products.

Heritage Leather Camera Strap Type2 by Herringbone

For the photographer that likes holding their camera from the side, the Heritage Camera Strap is the best leather camera strap available. The one qualm with this strap is that on some camera bodies it covers key buttons. Known issues are with the Canon 7D, Nikon D800, and A7S II.

Still, for those that own a compatible camera, this strap can't be beaten. It has a great, sturdy, and efficient solution. This strap makes the camera easier to hold and the leather looks fantastic.

Vintage Rapid Camera Sling Strap by Movo

The Movo Vintage sling strap offers the perfect solution for bigger bodies, both physically, and the camera. This strap is long and adjustable, and its shoulder straps make it easier to hold bulkier cameras by distributing weight to a stronger part of the body.

Slingshot Camera Strap by Heavy Leather NYC

This is a unique camera strap, in that this strap screws on where the camera body usually attaches to a tripod. If you're thinking, "what if I wanted to use a tripod?" The answer is, you really shouldn't be attaching a camera to a tripod while there's a strap attached to the camera. With that in mind, the Slingshot Camera Strap is easy to attach and detach through the use of a carabiner, but don't use this carabiner for climbing purposes.

The Money Maker Camera Strap by Hold Fast Leather Goods

The odd one of the bunch, but definitely one of the best leather camera straps, especially for professionals, is this beauty. What makes this strap unique is that it's more of a harness for holding multiple cameras. This strap is on the heavier side, but that's needed for holding two cameras at once. This harness also attaches to the bottom of the camera, where the tripod mount is, but unlike the Heavy Leather NYC strap, the Money Maker has a backup safety catch for an extra measure of security.

Bridle Leather Paracord Strap by Killspencer

An alternative to the rawhide variety, this hand-threaded paracord strap with leather furnishings will work on pretty much any camera on the market. This strap is tangle free and unbreakable, thanks to using waxed linen thread. This is definitely one of the best leather camera straps on the market.

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Best Leather Camera Straps Available Now
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