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Best Food Photographers on Instagram to Follow

Love decadent shots of food? Then you'll love our list of the top food photographers on Instagram.

If there's one thing that has become a decidedly Millennial move, it's taking elegant photos of food. We'd say that this is thanks to the trendiness of being a foodie or because Chopped is such an excellent show, but truthfully, social media has most of the blame on this one. 

Instagrammers love sharing great pics of the delicious treats they eat—which is why food photography has been taking off in recent years. If you want to be one of the best photographers in this genre, you've got your work cut out for you. It's extremely competitive. 

For the foodie or the aesthetic who loves a good shot, these legendary food photographers on Instagram will get you hungry for more. 

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Joann Pai

Joann Pai is one of those travel photographers who also dabbles a bit (okay, a lot) in food. Right now, her shots of mouthwatering meals from around the world are some of the best on Instagram—and also the worst for those on a diet to see. 

If you want to follow one of the best street and food photographers on Instagram, Pai's portfolio account is one you need to see. It's elegant, dramatic, and incredibly visually appealing. 

Instagram: @sliceofpai

Julie Lee

If you're a fan of fruitcore aesthetics, then you're going to love the way that Los Angeles local Julie Lee does her thing. Her entire portfolio is filled with themed food collages that emphasize color, texture, and contrast in striking ways. 

Most of her photos look like magazine covers or computer desktop wallpapers. Fruit takes on an artful twist with Lee behind the lens, and that's what makes her one of the best food photographers on Instagram. 

Instagram: @julieskitchen


Fans of the recipe and baking site will recognize Bakerella's tasty treats anywhere. Her own Instagram account features mouthwatering shots of her perfectly prepared baked goods. 

Angie, as she's also known, has a lot of claim to fame. She's the inventor of cake pops, has a massive baking empire, and even authored books on baking. Recently, she also became one of the most followed food photographers on Instagram. 

Instagram: @bakerella

Lindsay Ostrom

Lindsay Ostrom, who goes by the handle "Pinch of Yum" online, has long been known for her love of fine dining and elegant cuisine. Ostrom goes beyond just being a great photographer and takes videos of her food on a regular basis. 

The best part of her Instagram, though, isn't the visuals. It's the recipes, which are regularly included in posts. Over 500,000 followers can't be wrong; she makes food into art. Bon Appetit! 

Instagram: @pinchofyum

Andrew Scrivani

With a photography resume that includes publications as large as the New York Times, it's understandable why Andrew Scrivani has become one of the most popular food photographers on Instagram. 

His work is demanded by top restaurants and brings out the perfect imperfection of the art of food preparation. If you love mouth-watering food shots, you need to check out his work. 

Instagram: @andrewscrivani

Angela Davis

You might recognize food blogger Angela Davis as "The Kitchenista," a writer whose recipes have been lifesavers for many families throughout the country. This self-taught chef now has stepped up her blogging game once again. This time, she's killing it on Instagram. 

If you have a deep hunger for drool-worthy soul food, ribs, and burger shots, you need to follow her on Instagram. That being said, her food shots might be some of the most sinfully decadent on this list—not that we're complaining. 

Instagram: @thekitchenista

Tamara Peterson

In many ways, Tamara Peterson is a classic NYC-style artist. She's got a keen eye for cityscapes around her borough of Brooklyn. When she's not shooting epic urban photography, she's creating the shots that make her one of the best food photographers on Instagram. 

Crisp lighting, clean shots of tasty food, and epic shots featuring loads of color contrast are what make Tamara such a popular photographer and content creator. 

Instagram: @_tamarapeterson

Dave Hagerman

Dave Hagerman was, at one point, a regular food photographer who worked with magazines and cookbook companies to create solid works of art. That alone could have him one of the better food photographers on Instagram. 

What jettisoned him to stardom, though, was when he set off to Asia to capture the culture via food offered to him in his travels. Since he began showing the more exotic side of food, Hagerman's work has been featured in the New York Times, The Economist, and many more. 

Instagram: @davehagerman

Ruth Tam

Once in a blue moon, you'll find a food photographer who veers away from food collages and close-ups and finds their own unique spin on the genre. Ruth Tam is one such inventive photographer. 

Her specialty is showing how regular baked goods can be turned into modern art with a little imagination. Once you see the kind of shots she takes, you'll understand what we mean. 

Instagram: @rushyama

Francesco Mattucci

Like a little surrealism in your food? If so, you're going to like Francesco Mattucci's take on photography immensely. All of Mattucci's shots involve food, pots and pans suspended in air as they are being dropped. It's a crisp but immensely action-packed look. 

We honestly don't know how he cleans up half of the messes he must make to get a single shot like that. We'd probably go nuts. 

Instagram: @kitchensuspension

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Best Food Photographers on Instagram to Follow
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