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Best Concert Photographers on Instagram to Follow

Love seeing photos of your favorite rock stars? Then these are the best concert photographers on Instagram to follow.

Photo by Isha Shah

Concerts are always exciting. There’s the roar of the music, the ability to see your musical idol in action, and the incredible light shows that just add amazing depth to each second of the show. That’s why people pay hundreds of dollars for concert tickets, and why everyone sees them as a major event.

No one knows how to capture the action, the glitz, and the glamor of a good concert like a concert photographer. They are skilled enough to deal with low lighting, fast movements, and also navigate through crowds of screaming fans. It’s not easy, and not just any photographer who owns one of the best DSLRs can do it.

To be one of the best concert photographers on Instagram, you need skill. You need grit. And most of all, you need special connections to get up, close, and personal with the bands that make people go nuts. Here are the greatest ones to follow.

Ashley Osborn

If anyone knows how to make the gods of rock look awesome, it’s Ashley Osborn. The LA-based photographer uses 35mm cameras to capture amazing concert scenes from truly enviable positions.

Along with getting great concert shots, she’s known for having a natural talent for portraits. It’s no wonder that many rockstars, DJs, and other hotshots tend to call on her when they need new promotional photos.

Julian Bajsel

With the motto that “music should be seen and heard,” it’s pretty obvious that passion drove Julian to become one of the best concert photographers on Instagram. His shots run the gamut from far-away shots of brilliant lightshows to intimate one-on-ones with musicians as they play acoustics.

No matter what kind of style he’s working, he knows how to compose an amazing shot. Don’t believe it? Flip through his Instagram feed, and feel yourself turning green with envy.

Stefan Kohli

Love seeing urban artists in their element? Then look no further than Stefan Kohli’s account. He has worked with plenty of rappers, hip hop producers, and DJs in his time. He’s shot them in the studio, after concerts, and during concerts as well.

Kohli’s work has become kind of famous in the hip hop community, and attracted quite a few celebrities through his career. Some of the people he’s shot include Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, Ariana Grande, and Tommy Wiseau.

Isha Shah

A good command of light makes for a good photographer. So, considering Isha’s outstanding command of lighting, it’s not surprising that she’s become one of the best concert photographers on Instagram.

Very few photographers can use light to capture raw emotion like she does, and even fewer manage to use light as a way to add some ethereal elements to their shots like she does. Needless to say, following her Instagram account is a treat for any music aficionado.

Maclay Heriot

Maclay Heriot is so successful at his work, he’s based out of two different countries. When he’s shooting in Los Angeles, he’s attending major star-studded concerts of the A-list variety. When he’s working in Sydney, he’s also doing the exact same thing. Either way, it rules.

Beautiful backgrounds, color manipulation, and high energy shots are what make Maclay’s work so good. It’s hard not to want to follow him after you scope his portfolio.

Armen Keleshian

Cited by Complex as one of the Top 30 Photographers in the World, Armen Keleshian seems to have been born with a camera in his hand. As one of the best concert photographers on Instagram, he’s been a personal photographer for the likes of U2, Trippie Red, and Lil’ Yachty.

Though all his concert shots are great, his closeup portraits of musical artists are his real strength. They just bring out an element of people’s personalities that most photographers can’t get.

Sacha Lecca

Sacha Lecca has gotten his connections in the music industry thanks to his photo editor job at Rolling Stone, but don’t be fooled. People know him by name and regularly request him for their concert shots because of the sheer level of skill he has.

His favorite style of photography involves black and white photography focused on punk rock bands. He’s worked with major names like The Growlers, Hayley Dahl, and Radiohead.

Zoe Rain

At only 25 years old, Zoe Rain has shown her photography mettle in ways that most professional photographers never will. She’s worked with major bands, gotten incredible shots, and amassed a huge number of followers on her Instagram account.

Unlike other concert photographers, she doesn’t stick to a single genre. She’s shot fashion portraits, wedding photography, landscapes, as well as nature shots. You could say she’s a Jane of all trades like that.

Charlie Peacher

Charlie Peacher’s love of hip hop and high-action photography is what makes him one of the best concert photographers to follow on Instagram. Simply put, his love of his work shows through beautifully and just manages to make things work.

Anyone who likes to see big names in hip hop will want to check out his work. He’s worked with names like Uzi Vert, Dram, and Lil’ Yachty—not to mention the late Mac Miller.

John Shearer

Based out of Tennessee and armed with a great camera, John Shearer has a talent for making every concert he shoots feel like an intimate event. Like many of the top concert photographers in the industry, Shearer has a niche he serves.

More specifically, he works with top A-list bands, enjoys doing promo material, and also does onstage photography for their shows. Celebrities who have hired him to cover their events include Katy Perry, Aerosmith, and Taylor Smith.

Kevin Mazur

When it comes to concert photography, few people have a veteran status as established as Kevin Mazur. He has been shooting celebrities and musicians for well over 30 years! In that time, Mazur has seen pop culture evolve in ways that go beyond the norm.

Mazur’s claim to fame, aside from an impressively long career, is that he’s taken many iconic photos of some of the most famous pop stars of all time. His shots of Michael Jackson in his “Thriller” days, for example, are not to be missed.

Andrew Lipovsky

Do you love that special, gritty vibe of old school concerts? Of course you do! Everyone does! And not many people manage to nail that aesthetic and emotion like Andrew Lipovsky does.

Lipovsky himself isn’t just a music photographer; he’s a lifestyle photographer who helps document that overall ambiance of New York City’s “cool kid” lifestyle. It’s amazing, and definitely gives off that classic New York vibe that people adore.

Ashley Verse

Powerful facial expressions can be found on many of Ashley Verse’s photographs, and that’s no coincidence. Her ability to time shots and grasp a musician’s inner essence is downright uncanny—as is her ability to make lighting work with her shots.

She’s done work for Adidas London, Childish Gambino, and helped create tons of album art covers. She could easily be one of the best portrait photographers on Instagram. Is it really that shocking that she’s one of the best concert photographers on Instagram to follow?

Alex Reside

Alex Reside has rightfully earned his title as a professional concert photographer, and has done it all with amazing aplomb. His shots are super crisp, emotion-filled, and also give you an amazing look at what life is like at the front row of your favorite concerts.

His work has been used in GQ and other major magazines for a reason. His eye for aesthetics is unparalleled, and it shows beautifully on print.

Brandon Artis

Though Brandon definitely knows how to take a great concert photo, he’s not solely relegated to concerts for his shots. He’s best described as an expert pop culture photographer, simply because he knows the kind of looks and vibes people want when they shoot with him—and how to get them.

Whether he’s taking goofy shots of Nardwuar or working his magic with Alice Glass, he’s always linking up with amazing celebrities. It’s a good thing for his followers and his career.

Mel D. Cole

Not many photographers get to take shots as personal as Mel D. Cole does, and that’s why he’s become so well known in the photography community. He’s shot world famous music festivals like Coachella, worked with Beyonce, and has also gotten amazing street shots of rappers.

Though he’s best-known for his concert shots, he also has a very impressive personal project called Homeless World, which explores what life is for those who have no home.

Raven B. Varona

Style seems to take the forefront when Raven B. Verona gets her hands on a camera, but don’t let that fool you. She’s not a fashion photographer, per se. She’s one of the best concert photographers on Instagram!

All things considered, it makes sense that she has such a keen eye for photography. After all, when you’re working with people like Beyoncé, it’s extremely hard to not do that. Celebs love showing their outfits and makeup looks, don’t they?

Brook Bobbins

Brook Bobbins, also known as Crook Robbins, is one of the coolest hip hop photographers in the industry right now. It’s not surprising that he’s had a lot of success, either. His highly colorized shots show a beautiful blend between fashion, lifestyle, and music.

He’s worked with major names like Chaka Khan, Gunna, and Meech—just to name a few. No matter who he’s shooting, he keeps things uplifting.

Andy Barron

It doesn’t take too long to see why Andy Barron is considered to be one of the best concert photographers to follow on Instagram. He just manages to make an amazing composition happen in his shots, just by getting the right angle at the right time. It’s not unusual to see shots of artists mid-jump, just because he’s that good.

When he’s not shooting at concerts, he’s getting more intimate shots of musicians and finding amazing art installations to take pictures of. He’s definitely worth following, if only for that reason alone.

Loren Wohl

Loren Wohl doesn’t just take photos of people at concerts; she makes art out of taking photos of people at concerts. Dramatic lighting, unique angles, and emotionally charged subjects are the norm with her work.

Hypnotic but incredibly poignant, Wohl’s work raises the bar for many people who have been wondering how they should work their concert shots.

Todd Owyoung

Todd Owyoung is one of the very few photographers to gain a Nikon sponsorship, and there’s reason why he’s gotten that achievement. Simply put, he knows his way around a camera in ways that most people in the field never will. Moreover, he uses that knowledge to take outstanding shots time after time.

He’s a photographer who’s had a contract with iHeartRadio and done work for major star-studded events. When you see what he’s shot, you’ll understand why he never has to look too far for work.

Caesar Sebastian

A little wry wit, some amazing shots, and a pinch of quirk are what make Caesar Sebastian a one-of-a-kind photographer. He’s gotten breathtaking shots of concert halls mid-show, sure, but it’s actually his more artful portraiture that’s netted him over 27,000 followers.

What really makes him amazing, though, isn’t just the shots or the stories behind them that he posts. It’s the fact that he does it with an insanely wide range of cameras. He shoots film, he shoots digital, he does it all.

Maggie London

At only 22 years old, Maggie London is a newbie among concert photographers, and may actually raise a few eyebrows due to her age alone. However, that doesn’t make her a bad photographer; in fact, she’s a natural at her work.

Her work is emotional, and really emphasizes the lighting concert throwers use. Needless to say, we expect to see some really amazing shots as her style continues to develop.

Anam Merchant

Anyone who’s a fan of hardcore music like Under Oath will want to follow Anam Merchant on Instagram. Why, you ask? He’s one of the best concert photographers on Instagram to focus on hardcore, rock, metal, and emo music genres.

Awesome lighting, in-your-face shots, and awesome performer choices are what make Anam’s work so good. If you love emo music, you’ll adore Anam’s shots.

Ryan V. Watanabe

California-based Ryan Watanabe’s photography style is instantly recognizable. It’s one that’s known for its dim lighting, intimate views, and artfully blurry lines. The end result is a brilliant photo that gives you an amazing look at musicians in the heat of the moment.

His concert work is the stuff that most musicians dream of. You will adore it—as both a source of inspiration, and as a glimpse into the concerts you wish you attended.

Jesse Fox

Jesse Fox has a portfolio that would turn any photographer a little green with envy. She’s got portraits that channel Helmut Newton. She’s got candid shots that capture slices of life most people overlook. She’s got nice shots of nature, and even a couple of family shots.

While her shots run the gamut from the mundane to the extreme, her real strong point is concert photography. She just has a way with musicians that can’t be topped.

Adam Haranghy

Do you love classic 80s-style shots of musicians as they perform their solos? Do you adore seeing the glamorous look of a singer belting out classics behind the glare of colored lights? If so, you’re going to understand the very elements that make Adam Haranghy one of the best concert photographers on Instagram.

Everyone loves seeing a good, classic concert photo. That’s why you’re going to love following him on Instagram, and why he's one of the most famous concert photographers of all time.

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