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Best Camera Bags for Traveling

Everyone needs a bag for their camera, these are the ten best camera bags for traveling.

Anytime one goes on vacation, they always want to be taking photos, to cherish the trip and remember it forever. Nowadays, most smartphones have a strong enough camera to satisfy the needs of the average traveler. But, if you have a fancy DSLR camera you'll need a bag. There is a large variety of camera backpacks to chose from depending on what you're looking for. Here are the ten best camera bags for traveling:

The Harvey Backpack by Filson Co

The Filson 70199 Harvey Backpack is the perfect bag for someone looking to go to the national park or a short weekend trip. This bag is lightweight and has multiple pouches which are perfect for extra lenses. The removable camera insert is perfect for creating extra space and this bag also has a dedicated laptop compartment for traveling with a laptop.

The Corona 26 by Tamrac

The Tamrac Corona 26 Photo Camera backpack is one of the best camera bags for traveling on the market. This is a great, dense, bag, perfect for going through a big crowd. You may not be able to fit much more than a camera, and necessary accessories, but this bag will keep the camera safe and has two compartments, an upper and a lower. The lower compartment is meant for the camera, while the upper compartment is great for lenses and accessories.

The Photo Sport BP 300 AW II by Lowepro

The Lowepro Photo Sport BP 300 AW II was designed specifically for the hiker. This bag is lightweight, with a padded compartment to keep the camera safe in rough conditions. Although you won't be able to house much more than a camera with lens attached, this is still a great bag.

The Reform Action Camera Backpack by Incase Designs

The CorpReform Action Camera Backpack by Incase is great for those that need to take a laptop along with a camera. This bag, weighing a mere 0.2 pounds, can store a camera and a 13" laptop. The Action Camera Backpack is also smaller than the average school backpack making it easy to carry.

Oskar's One Day Bag by Artisan & Artist

Oskar's One Day Bag, from Artisan&Artist, is perfect for the photographer that's addicted to being organized. This bag has a multiple compartment layout for easy access to accessories. Most importantly, the Oskar's One Day Bag is great for keeping humidity out, a camera's worst nightmare.

Seeker Waist Pack by Clik Elite

This may not be the lightest of the best camera bags for traveling, weighing 1.72 pounds, but this bag will hold the important stuff, a camera and a couple of lenses. This bag may not be able to hold much else, but what else could you need?

KDM-102 Kontrast DSLR Camera Shoulder Bag by Case Logic

While many of the bags on this list can run over $200, the Case Logic KDM-102 comes in at $54. This bag has a water-resistant base to protect its contents from the bottom up. The Case Logic can fit any type of DSLR camera with two to four extra lenses, and accessories. This bag also has padded compartments as an extra measure for keeping the camera safe. You're definitely getting the bang for your buck with this bag.

The Camera Holster by High Noon

The High Noon Camera Holster 300L isn't necessarily a bag, but it will get the job done. If you're traveling with one camera, and one lens, this "bag" is perfect you. This holster is sure to earn you compliments and is one of the best camera bags for traveling.

The Camera Satchel by ONA Palma

The ONA Palma Camera Satchel is perfect for the photographer that doesn't want it known they're carrying a camera. This bag has removable felt walls, to create three different compartments, which are great for separating the camera body from the lenses. Take the walls out, and you can fit whatever you need to carry for the day in your camera bag, preventing the need to lug an extra bag around.

The Snoop Camera Messenger Bag by Timbuk2

The Timbuk2 Snoop Camera Messenger bag is one of the best camera bags for travelers, especially those biking on their trip. Just like the other Timbuk2 bags, the Snoop Camera Messenger was designed for the cyclist. The Snoop Camera Messenger comes with adjustable straps for securing a tripod with easy access, and its padded compartment is great for keeping the camera safe.

People love to travel, and everyone travels at their own speed. Whatever your need, there's a camera bag for traveling for you.

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Best Camera Bags for Traveling
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