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Best Aerial Photographers to Follow on Instagram

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's one of the best aerial photographers to follow on Instagram!

Every kind of photographer has their own kind of style, and their own way of finding the perfect shot. That's why there's always so much variation between the best portrait photographers, and why so many of the best abstract photographers also tend to shoot from such unique angles. 

Then, there are aerial photographers. 

These are photographers who use drones or other equipment to shoot from the air. Their top-down shots tend to be ones that are both impressive and thought-provoking in their own right. And now, they are hitting Instagram in droves. 

It's amazing what this style of photography can accomplish. Ever want to see what the best aerial photographers to follow on Instagram are capable of doing? Take a look at our picks from the best shutterbugs to take to the skies in recent years.

Emily Kaszton

California-based Emily Kaszton has the kind of shots that many aspiring photographers wish they could get. This particular shot shows how Kaszton uses brilliant color, glamorous models, and an aerial shot to give a lonely yet fashionable look to a day out on the beach. 

An awesome photographer in every way, Emily also has little problem offering up advice to newbies! She's one of the best aerial photographers to follow on Instagram if you want to get some seriously good tips on how to take your own shots. 

Chris Burkard

The chilling blue of the ice! The way the fjord just seems to reflect everything! The contrast of the sailboat that's gently gliding across the water! If anyone has mastered the ability to create an amazing photo composition, it's Chris Burkard. 

Is it any wonder why people call him one of the best aerial photographers on Instagram? No, it's not surprising in the least bit. 

Costas Spathis

Greek architect and aerial photographer Costas Spathis definitely knows how to incorporate architectural concepts into his photography work—and it comes through in every shot he takes. 

One thing we love about Spathis' work is the way that he brings an element of crispness to his photos. Take a look at his portfolio and you'll see why people love his Instagram account. 

Tommy Clarke

If you love seeing aerial photography that's taken from such a high angle, it's hard to actually figure out what the photos are of, Tommy Clarke's work might be a good match to consider. 

This beautiful shot was taken via drone and works as one of the nicest examples of abstract nature art through aerial photographs. Trippy, isn't it? 

Martin Sanchez

Dizzying drone photography is what Martin Sanchez specializes in, but unlike other aerial photographers to follow on Instagram, he doesn't stick to nature shots. He actually loves showing the unique patterns of city living through his work. 

His wild shots of sprawling roads and urban sceneries really make for amazing concepts. Whoever thinks cities are ugly need to check his stuff out. 

Konrad Paruch

Konrad Paruch and his DJI Phantom 4 Pro are a dream team, and it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see why. Beautifully clear photos that will make you feel miniscule can be found throughout his Instagram account. 

Paruch's shots have a unique way of filling viewers with awe and wonder of the world around them. All things considered, he's right to be considered one of the best aerial photographers to follow on Instagram. 

Tobias Hägg

Brilliant colors, sharp-as-a-razor shots, and amazingly creative concepts are what make Tobias Hägg such a popular photographer. Using his drone, he's been able to scale up to impossible heights to get shots worthy of magazine covers and more. 

Anyone who loves nature photography with a touch of fantasy vibes added to them will find Tobias to be one of the best aerial photographers to follow on Instagram. 

Matt Deakin

Australia-based photographer Matt Deakin makes no qualms about showing his love for his country through breathtaking landscapes that break the common beliefs people have about Australia's dangerous Outback. 

He brings out pure, unadulterated nature in the best way possible. Lush greenery, beautiful palm trees, and crystal-clear waters are always featured in his work—and really, are what make him one of the best aerial photographers to follow on Instagram.

Stian Klo

Stian Klo has some of the most surreally beautiful shots you'll ever see on Instagram, and unsurprisingly, his work has caught the eye of many epic advertisers and brands. His work has been featured on National Geographic, and also has gained the approval of major names like Apple and DJI. 

Honestly, we're not surprised. His work is that good. 

Austin Butler

Oahu local Austin Butler has been a fan favorite for as long as aerial photography has become popular. Much of his popularity has to do with the way he can create awesome compositions and bring out bright colors in every picture he takes. 

His work is seriously breathtaking, even when he's not using a drone to shoot. If you are looking for inspirational shots that really go the extra mile, he's one of the better aerial photographers to follow on Instagram. 


Vitaly, also known as Pan Velvet, has to be one of the most unique aerial photographers to follow on Instagram. His work ranges from closeup shots of the tip of skyscrapers to amazingly trippy shots of farmland taken from miles above the ground. 

Dizzying, geometric, and utterly enchanting, we all wish we could see the world the way that Vitaly does. 

Peter Yan

Peter Yan's work is so beautiful, so surreally clean, you might not even believe it's a photo of a real place in the world. Make no mistake about it, though—his shots are of real places and yes, they are really that beautiful. 

Many of his aerial shots are taken in his home country of Australia, and that means gorgeous beaches with turquoise water will be plentiful on his Instagram account. 

Izuddin Helmi

Izuddin Helmi is one of Malaysia's hottest new photographers, and it's easy to see why he's also one of the best aerial photographers to follow on Instagram. His work involves spectacular drone photography shots of amazing cityscapes humanity otherwise wouldn't see. 

Anyone who loves architectural photography, exotic places, or cyberpunk imagery needs to check out his account. DJI photography never looks so insane. 

Henry Do

Many of the most surreal photos you'll see taken by a drone will involve cityscapes or beachscapes. It's a common theme that most photographers will attempt at least once. Henry Do, on the other hand, doesn't just stop there. 

He can bring fascinating contrasts, fantasy-filled lighting, and mindblowing landscapes to life flawlessly. Needless to say, he's considered to be one of the best photographers in the world of his kind. 

Sousa PR

The photographer known only as Sousa PR loves to show how beautiful his home of Puerto Rico really is—and he does that through the art of photography. Surprisingly, not all of his shots are taken from a drone; he also does underwater shots, closeups, and more without a DJI involved. 

Anyone who loves beach scenery needs to check out his work... and maybe book a trip to Puerto Rico afterward. 

Eric Ward

Eric Ward is a proud member of Sony Alpha, and remains one of their most popular photographers to date. His specialty, of course, is aerial photography. 

This guy has so many impressive shots worth checking out, and unsurprisingly, has become a globetrotting visual artist who has captured everything from cozy cottages in Finland to caravans of camels in the desert. 

Prepare to be impressed. That is all. 

Alexander Murashkin

Alexander Murashkin is one of Russia's top photographers, and boy, does he know how to make a great shot! Though he does dabble in editorial and portrait shots, the work he does with drones is really where his talent lies. 

Gorgeous shots highlighting Russia's architecture and tech are what he has to offer viewers who love a little bit of urban eye candy. You'll love his stuff, especially if you want to get a little inspiration for your next shot. 

Victor Cheng

Victor Cheng has a natural knack for creativity and visual content creation, and that's why he manages to stand out among others in Hong Kong's hyper-competitive photography scene. 

Much of his photography can be sorted into two categories: cityscapes and solitary portraits from afar. He has a way of bringing out the bizarre sense of solitude one can have in a city that's filled with people, and that's what makes him one of the best aerial photographers to follow on Instagram.

Ale Petra

Do you like colors? Do you really like colors? Then you will love Ale Petra! His ability to bring color to the forefront of shots and breathe life into artwork is what makes him one of Instagram's top creatives. 

Every photo he has involves amazing colors, brilliant compositions, and overall emotional scenes. Anyone who enjoys a truly artistic creative will find his work to be incredible. 

Florian Degreve

Hopping from nation to nation and taking spectacular photos every single time, Florian Degreve is living the photographer's dream. From beachscapes to gorgeous aerial shots of lonely roads in Bali, his work is impressive on a number of levels. 

If you're a fan of gorgeous photos that will make you yearn to travel to another country, then Degreve's one of the hottest aerial photographers to follow on Instagram today. 

Huda Bin Redha

Huda Bin Redha is a trailblazer in a number of ways. She's a lawyer by day, and on the weekends, she shows off her amazing DJI photography skills in the beautiful land of the United Arab Emirates. 

A huge fan of traveling, Huda often will take time to visit nearby countries and take shots there. Between her dramatic photos and her awesome way of showing the UAE's beauty, it's easy to see why her fans adore her. 

Irenaeus Herok

Gorgeous photography? Check. International settings? Double check. Awesome aerial shots of beaches, sand dunes, and more? Triple check. 

The dramatic lighting and beautiful colorsthat Herok gets in his shots make him one of the best aerial photographers to follow on Instagram. The cool ideas you'll come up with for your next shoot will make him your favorite new artist to watch, even if you don't own a DJI. 

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