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Best Accessories Every Photographer Needs

Whether you're just getting into the photography scene, or looking to complete your camera gear, these are the accessories every photographer needs to be successful.

The main struggle of having the hobby of photography is the cost. However, the price it takes to purchase the most quality equipment to amp up your skillset is well worth the trouble. That's why most photographers take their time in acquiring the top accessories every photographer needs. These suggestions an be purchased over time, when the quality of your work lacks in certain departments. 

Whether you're just now jumping into your interest in photography, or are finally looking to take that next step toward higher-quality shooting, these are the best options to amp up your skillset. These are the accessories every photographer needs to be successful.

60-Inch Lightweight Tripod with Bag by AmazonBasics

A tripod is one of the first additions to your camera gear that you should acquire if you're looking to capturing videos, time lapses, or simply steady photo shots. This specific tripod is very lightweight, which makes it great for easy transport. Plus, it comes with a carrying case. 

It's compatible with most cameras, whether they be digital, video, or even GoPros. Plus, it can extend from 25 inches to 60. And it has a quick-release mounting plate that will help with easy and quick transitioning while shooting and changing shots. 

Cuff Camera Wrist Strap by Peak Design

A simple accessory, but one you won't want to live without, is this cuff camera wrist strap. As one of the most practical accessories every photographer needs, this camera strap is extremely durable and will ensure the safety of your camera through any wear and tear. 

It can be attached to any camera's strap loops, even full-frame DSLRs, which shows the true strength of the material. Plus, there is no unnecessary bulk and is comfortable and stable. 

Studio Pro Softbox Lighting Kit by Fovitec

This is one of the best accessories every photographer needs that is guaranteed to step your game up instantly. This softbox set includes two socket heads, eleven bulbs, two softboxes, one EZ Setup single socket light, and a carrying case. With the addition of this kit to your gear, you'll get everything you need for perfect lighting in one convenient space. 

Use the same lighting style that the pros do, and you'll see the improvement of quality in your work instantly. Forget using window light or color-altering fluorescents, this kit will allow your video taking and picture taking indoors to be perfected. 

Professional Cleaning Kit for DSLR Cameras by Altura Photo

Maybe not one of the first accessories every photographer needs to come to mind, but this professional cleaning kit is just as important to your photography quality than getting the most expensive new lens would be. 

As a #1 best seller in the Camera and Photo Cleaning Kits category on Amazon, this kit includes an Altura photo lens cleaner bottle, a lens cleaning pen, a lens brush, an air lower cleaner, Altura photo camera cleaning tissue paper, and MagicFiber microfiber cloths. 

Formulated with the safest and most intricate clean, these products are designed to leave zero scratches, streaks or marks on any of your equipment. Plus, they're super easy to use. 

Everyday Backpack 30L Camera Bag by Peak Design

As one of the best accessories every photographer needs, specifically for someone who is constantly on the go, this backpack is the perfect place to store all of your newly acquired gear. With three dividers, a laptop sleeve, built-in Maglatch system, and sub-divided interior pockets, you'll never have to worry about the safety of your most precious devices again. 

Adaptable to any lifestyle, this backpack is durable enough for any type of gear or environment. This means it would work great for the everyday commuter, the traveler, and really anyone who needs a sturdy, adaptable backpack. 

Pro Video Camera Stabilizer by Roxant

A camera stabilizer is not just used in Hollywood movies, and we're sure that you're aware of the ever-growing necessity this accessory has become. From Point and Shoots to DSLRs, this piece of gear can be used on them all. 

Get that smooth, effortless motion shot through even the tightest or most crowded places. With a no-slip grip and lightweight feel, anyone can add this to their next video or photo shoot. 

EF 50mm f/1.8 STM Lens by Canon

A new lens can do wonders for your photography, and the Canon EF 50mm is one of the best upgrades you can make. It's a great update in your gear if you're a beginner photographer. Created with action, nighttime, and portrait photography, this lens will step up the quality and versatility of your art.

Lightweight and effective, this accessory is great for sharp, full-frame shots. Great for both photos and videos, the lens will perform great in any creative situation.

32GB SDHS Class 10 UHS-1 Flash Memory Card by Transcend

A no-brainer, but something that will make a world of a difference in your time and organization as a photographer, a few backup memory cards could never hurt your process. This Transcend card is compatible with all SDHS and SDXC devices, and has low power consumption. 

They hold a lot of memory, work fast, and are pretty well-priced. You can't go wrong with having backups of these, no matter what kind of photography you're doing. 

LCD Timer Shutter Release Remote Control by Neewer

One of the most specific accessories every photographer needs, this timer shutter release remote control will work with most Canon cameras. Set the timer for one second, all the way up to 99 hours. 

By the press of a finger, the remote is easy to use, and allows the shutter to be released, even when you're nowhere near the camera. Though it can be used when you're right next to the device, to avoid shaking the lens and altering the shot. Plus, the battery will last up to two months! 

Macro Ring LED Power Light

To finish our list of the best accessories every photographer needs, this ring light can be easily fit around any lens. Whether it be a Nikon, Sigma, Sony, or Canon camera, this accessory will bring great light quality to any shot. 

With three options including half right light, half left light, and whole light, you can choose between the best intensity for your shooting. Simple application and use, you can't go wrong with an upgrade like this. 

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