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Best Abstract Photographers to Follow on Instagram

Looking for abstract photographers to follow on Instagram? These choices will make you feel inspired.

Abstract photography is hard to pin down, but absolutely wonderful to share. It's a form of art that focuses in on the minute details of life that others may miss—or that we often just overlook. Beautiful, unique, and pointedly modern, photographers who take an abstract take on life always have a way of leaving people impressed. 

Love abstract art? So do we. This list of the best abstract photographers to follow on Instagram will prove that art's always a little better when it comes to a stark focus on the lines, grooves, and colors that make our world beautiful.

Angie McMonigal

Angie McMonigal currently is one of the best abstract photographers to follow on Instagram, particularly if you love stark architectural close-ups and contrasts between organic and rigid lines. Her work features beautiful close-ups on architecture from around the world. 

McMonigal, who is one half of PhotographyUnfolded, has the kind of portfolio most others would kill for. It's easy to see why she's so popular. 

Victoria Siemer

Victoria Siemer, also known as "Witchoria," also has been called one of the top abstract photographers to follow on Instagram due to her impeccable eye for lines and contrast. Her form of abstract photography tends to be oriented towards surrealism and social commentary. 

Impactful? Absolutely. Strikingly pretty? You betcha! Her Instagram account is filled with the kind of work that many photographers wish they could put together, especially when she adds her unique graphic design flair to things. 

Pau Iglesias

Pau Iglesias is a creative soul who really knows how to put together an amazing Instagram feed. DJLoPau, as he's also known on the 'gram, is a full-time architect, photographer, and designer—and boy, does it show on his feed. 

If you love black and white photography, stark architecture photos, and a deep appreciation for unique buildings, you'll understand what makes him one of the best abstract photographers to follow on Instagram. 

Cecilie Jegsen

Hailing from Copenhagen, Cecilie Jegsen has become one of the most popular abstract photographers to follow on Instagram in her home country. Her take on abstraction features a nice blend of ambiance and fashion photography. 

Anyone who loves a new way of looking at the human aesthetic will enjoy her highly ambient and visually pleasing style of work. Few photographers work color the way she does, and that's why her feed is filled with compliments from around the world. 

Jeroen Peters

Amsterdam-based Jeroen Peters has a keen eye for exceptional architecture, and an even keener eye for capturing it on his Insta. If you love seeing an Instagram feed that's filled with surprisingly colorful and crisp abstract photography featuring beautiful buildings, you need to follow him.  

Peters is a person who sees the beauty in modern architecture, and it shows so well in his feeds. 

Jonathan Schoonover

New York City-based Jonathan Schoonover remains one of the top abstract photographers to follow on Instagram to also have the bragging right of being an in-demand fashion photographer, too. 

Though he does a lot of work for magazines, Schoonover's feed is almost always filled with shots that he himself planned. We have to admit, he's got some seriously good taste—especially when it comes to his vaporwave-influenced artwork. 

Johnathan Lo

Johnathan Lo, also known as HappyMundane, is one of the most celebrated abstract photographers to follow on Instagram. Unlike many other abstract photographers, Lo tends to try to find the beauty in everyday objects. 

Baskets of flowers, cool buildings, and aesthetic photos of potted plants are what are most featured in his work. Fans who love the idea of seeing the unique in the normal will adore seeing his serenity-inducing work. 

Tom Hegen

When it comes to abstract photography, not many people place as heavy an emphasis in the "abstract" part as Tom Hegen does. He uses drones and other sky-high tech to get angles that others simply couldn't get. 

Hegen's nature photography and amazing top-down shots often resemble oil paintings at first glance, but believe it or not, they're real photos. The world looks a lot different from the top, and that's what makes Hegen one of the coolest abstract photographers to follow on Instagram. 

Needless to say, we're willing to bet that he has some of the best drones for GoPro usage in his arsenal. Either way, we also would call him one of the best nature photographers to follow on Instagram, simply because his concepts are so cool. 

Sebastian Weiss

Fans of crisp architecture with a slightly sci-fi feel will understand what makes Sebastain Weiss one of the best abstract photographers to follow on Instagram. His photographs, which have been taken in a wide range of countries, often harken back to a future that never was in their own subtle way. 

That being said, the buildings are real and the photography of them is really impressive. He's excellent when it comes to finding impeccable subjects. His 205,000 followers seem to agree.

Christoph Niemann

Christoph Niemann is also known as Abstract Sunday, and he calls himself a "visual storyteller." It's that very same knack for telling a story using photos that make him one of the top abstract photographers to follow on Instagram. 

His work is mixed media that features powerful illustrations placed atop beautiful photos. The end result is a surreal effect that makes you wonder what the photo really is supposed to show, or just a lighthearted chuckle. Either way, you'll love his uplifting work.  

David Thulstrup

David Thulstrup isn't really an abstract photographer as much as he's an extremely talented aesthete. During the day, he does interior design, does architecture, and puts together amazing compositions. During his free time (also sometimes during the day), he makes amazingly beautiful, modern, and gritty architectural shots with an abstract feel. 

He knows how to bring out the beauty in the grime, and the crispness in the clean. That's what makes him one of the best abstract photographers to follow on Instagram. 

Ruslan Khasanov

Love trippy work? Adore bright colors? Well, it won't take you very long to figure out what makes Ruslan Khasanov one of the hottest abstract photographers to follow on Instagram. 

His entire Instagram account is chock-full of amazing bright, colorful, and beautiful photos featuring just about every hue under the rainbow. His work has been featured in Inc, Fortune, Wired, and GQ. It's easy to see why. 

His work is absolutely spectacular and has even caught the eye of mainstream makeup houses like MAC due to its coloration. 

Brooke DiDonato

Brooke DiDonato is one of many NYC-based artists to enjoy abstract photography. However, she's a bit different than most. Her work has a very deeply ambient, artsy, and floral vibe that makes her one of the best abstract photographers to follow on Instagram. 

Surrealist, stylish, and pointedly moody, it's hard not to fall in love with Brooke's unique sense of art. 


Only known as Eloisa, this artist has made a name for herself by taking excellent shots of abstract art. Geometric shapes, color schematics reminiscent of the 1980s modern pop art scene, and crisp lines are what make her work so beautiful. 

Eloisa's work has an oddly addictive quality to it. It's oddly satisfying. That's what makes her one of the most popular abstract photographers to follow on Instagram. 

Ben Zank

If you love abstract, modern art with a side of street photography, you're going to adore Ben Zank. His abstract portraits are known for concealing models' faces, having surreal elements, and for making people think about the beauty of the human physique. 

Zank's work blends street photography, nature photography, nude modeling, and straight up strange into a beautiful statement. Folks with a taste for the unique will find him to be one of the most inspiring abstract photographers to follow on Instagram. 

Lin Yung Cheng

Taiwanese art director Lin Yung Cheng definitely knows how to make a strong social commentary through abstract photography. Cheng's work focuses in on social roles, the human body, and superposition of shapes across one's form. 

Any photographer who wants to get a better idea of how to compose a really amazing portrait that speaks volumes about the human condition needs to check out Cheng's work. 

The Taable

Heavily aesthetic and mysterious as can be, one of the best abstract photographers to follow on Instagram is only known as The Taable. Their work has caught the eye of many major players, including Apple, but oddly enough, no-one knows who The Taable is. 

Is it a solo person? Is it a team? Who knows? All we know is that The Taable is great. 

Suzanne Saroff

Crisp, clean, and pointedly fresh, Suzanne Saroff's photography focuses in on the organic and floral in a beautiful way. Loads of color themes, unique compilations, and a great grasp of photo composition make her one of the best abstract photographers to follow on Instagram. She definitely knows all of the photography composition tips to help you take better photos.

Her popularity speaks for itself, but just in case you didn't notice, she's got over 29,000 followers who adore her work. 

Noell Oszvald

Most of the top abstract photographers to follow on Instagram enjoy adding pops of color into their work. With Noell Oszvald, black and white photography adds to the mood and gives her work a powerful, almost brutalist kind of vibe. 

Heavy emotion is what makes her work so incredibly moving. 

Stefan Sagmeister

Stefan Sagmeister is one half of the NYC design duo known as Sagmeister and Walsh. His work as a designer is pretty evident in his photography, especially when it comes to his strong eye for both texture and color. 

Whether he's photographing a fan, a water bottle, or a tunnel in the city, he knows how to work with a camera. Stefan's aesthetic is one that is hard to forget, which is what makes him so popular on Instagram. 

Laura Makabresku

Looking to learn how to add emotion into a more surreal photograph? If so, then Laura Makabresku is one of the best abstract photographers to follow on Instagram. Her work is chock-full of emotions and uses lighting, color, and props to enhance the mood. 

Artistic and glamorous, Laura Makabresku's work is absolutely striking and shows the world that high art is not dead. 


You already know that this is going to be a good photographer, simply because people know him as just Nguan. This photographer loves to take slices of life from cities, showing the lifeless, the lively, and the beautiful all in one package. 

He has elements of fashion photography, that could put him in the category of the best fashion photographers on Instagram, while also incorporating streetscapes and architecture. This all makes Nguan's work really stellar by any measure of the word. 


When most people think of black and white photography, they tend to think of photographs that are heavier in blacks and greys than crisp white. Zezn is one of the best abstract photographers to follow on Instagram if you love the look of whites and pale greys. 

Zezn's work is known for extreme contrasts and a focus on very white lights. No matter how you look at it, this is one artist who really understands color—or a lack thereof. 

Mathieu Wothke

Art fans might recognize Mathieu Wothke as the founder of Somewhere Magazine. However, if you didn't know him from the magazine, you might recognize him as one of the more famous abstract photographers to follow on Instagram. 

Heavy moods, aptly added distortion, and excellent landscapes alongside architectural beauty is what makes his work truly impressive. 

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Best Abstract Photographers to Follow on Instagram
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