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Top 10 Cameras and Gear for Vlogging Beginners
a year ago
Everyone wants to have their own YouTube channel these days—and who can blame them? It's a great way to become famous and has led many people into new circles of wealth. People who would have been reg...
These iPhone X Camera Attachment Lenses Will Take Your Photography To The Next Level
a year ago
If you ask any major photographer which smartphone has the best camera, they'll tell you it's the iPhone X. It's not surprising, though. Apple has always been known for having great phones with even g...
Best Online Photography Classes for Beginners
a year ago
Learning to be a great photographer isn't easy, even if you're a creative genius. It's not just about finding the best shot, or even knowing good Photoshop hacks—though those things definitely do help...
How To Use Color Gels in Studio Lighting
a year ago
Most people have seen at least one or two shots that seem to have a burst of colored lighting that highlights a person's face. It's a beautiful look that emits emotion and is excellent for highlightin...
Portrait Retouching Mistakes All Amateurs Make
a year ago
A common phrase among professional photographers, videographers, and artists is, "We'll get it in post." Post, for those not in the know, is short for "post-processing." In photography, post-processin...
Ways to Shoot Photos That Are Razor Sharp
a year ago
If there's one thing that photographers always know what to do, it's figuring out ways to capture action in a photo. A photo that has action is one that often has sharp details that help the viewer ge...