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Best Aerial Photographers to Follow on Instagram
a year ago
Every kind of photographer has their own kind of style, and their own way of finding the perfect shot. That's why there's always so much variation between the best portrait photographers, and why so m...
How to Become a Professional Photographer Without School
a year ago
Back when I was a model, I was dating a guy who had become a professional photographer without school certification. He never attended art school. In fact, he was fresh out of high school! I'm not goi...
Best Erotic Photographers to Follow on Instagram
a year ago
Sex sells, and to a point, that basically explains what drives a large part of the creative world. In no place is this more common than in the world of photography. Erotic photography remains one of t...
Tips for Taking Underwater Photos
a year ago
Underwater photos are super popular right now, and have been ever since the cover of Nirvana's Nevermind album hit store shelves in the 90s. Even before that, finding shots taken by someone like Jacqu...
These 10 iPhone X Photographs Prove Why You Need to Try Moment's Attachment Lenses
a year ago
It's no secret that the iPhone X is now one of the most affordable (and commonplace) ways to take amazing photographs. Would-be photographers are now using iPhones in order to take shots while they sa...
The History of the Camera: How Each Camera Has Evolved
a year ago
Ah, the camera. Right now, we take more photos in a single day than humanity has taken, in total, in the past 100 years—or so we're told, anyway. Cameras have become as commonplace as cars, television...