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10 of the Oldest Photos of Celebrities in History
2 months ago
Celebrities have always been a major draw of our attention, and regularly get mentioned by the press. This has been, and always will be the case. When we usually think of celebrities, we think of the ...
10 Amateur Photography Mistakes Everyone Makes
3 months ago
What makes a photograph look professional? Is it using one of the best DSLR cameras? Is it using the best 20mm film? Of course not! You can take amazing photos with an iPhone that would be worthy of s...
How To Become a Famous Photographer
3 months ago
Helmut Newton. Steve McCurry. Annie Leibovitz. These are names that anyone who is a photography student will recognize as one of the greats. Being a famous photographer is just about as glamorous as i...
10 Ways to Become More Photogenic
3 months ago
Back when I was in my 20s, I made a living as as model. I was thinner back then, but realistically, I wasn't the best-looking person around. Rather, I knew something that many people are only beginnin...
Best Aerial Photographers to Follow on Instagram
5 months ago
Every kind of photographer has their own kind of style, and their own way of finding the perfect shot. That's why there's always so much variation between the best portrait photographers, and why so m...
How to Become a Professional Photographer Without School
5 months ago
Back when I was a model, I was dating a guy who had become a professional photographer without school certification. He never attended art school. In fact, he was fresh out of high school! I'm not goi...