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Ways to Use a Fisheye Lens
11 days ago
A fisheye lens is a great tool for any photographer to utilize, whether beginner or professional. The fisheye effect can do a variety of different things in a photo, such as creating long exposures an...
Most Famous Concert Photographers of All Time
3 months ago
Some of the most famous concert photographers of our time have made their name by capturing portraits of great musicians; such as, Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, and David Bowie among plenty o...
The Best Sports Photographers on Instagram to Follow
3 months ago
If you are into sports photography, whether it be extreme sports, surfing photographers, or landscape photographers, Facebook and Instagram are great places to feast your eyes on some of the most tale...
10 Ways to Become a Better Photographer
4 months ago
If you want to become a better photographer and create great photos, you’ll need to take the time every day to practice with your camera, study your subject matter, and shoot film that is inspiring to...
Worst Photography Mistakes People Make
4 months ago
Great photographs are hard to come by. It takes skill and knowledge for beginner photographers to stop making common mistakes, start paying attention to photography tips out there, and turn those bad ...
How to Shoot Portraits in Direct Sunlight
5 months ago
You've read the best photography quotes that will inspire you to take more photos and are ready to take some pics. But when you get outside you discover that you’re forced to shoot portraits in direct...