Joseph D. N. Kendrick

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Modeling Mistakes Everyone Makes at Least Once
7 months ago
The world needs models, but it is certainly no easy feat to become one. There are countless pitfalls to avoid and situations to navigate, so by deciding to become a model, you've already set yourself ...
New Photo Trends You Need to Know About
8 months ago
Every artistic outlet, from paintings and sculptures to music and architecture, has its own trends so long as styles and genres go in and out of fashion. Photography is no exception to this, and in fa...
Reasons Why School Pictures Always Looked Awful
9 months ago
"Picture Day" at school is always made up to be a much more important event than it really is. I remember when I was in elementary school, I thought it was a genuinely big deal with legitimate real-wo...
Most Iconic Photos Ever Taken
10 months ago
Any number of a hundred or more iconic and influential images could fill this list, but I've narrowed down 10 photographs that I consider to be among the absolute most iconic photos ever taken. Some d...
Most Famous Photographers of All Time
10 months ago
A full account of the most talented and most famous photographers of all time would be truly a massive tome. Multiple photographers have been embedded in our world's history through their photographs,...
Best Astrophotographers on Instagram to Follow
10 months ago
There are Instagram accounts for photographers and artists of all types, from design- and architecture-focused photography to portraits of people and pets. One of the deepest wells in this field is as...