Jack Lloyd

A hobbyist photographer specialising in portrait and live photography. Owner of the website Ramble on Records. You can follow my Instagram at jr_portraits & rambleonrecords. 

Shooting Your First Set of Portraits
4 months ago
If you’ve read my previous posts (you should, they’re great) then please don’t feel as if I’ve jumped right from buying my first camera to immediately shooting portraits. Oh no no no, there was defini...
Buying Your First Camera
4 months ago
After spending a considerable amount of time attending gigs and writing reviews, I decided I wanted to be someone that could not only write gig reviews but also take photos of the artists too. With th...
Read This If You Love Photography
4 months ago
Firstly, hello and thank you for visiting my page. I will now draw attention to the fact that I have quite clearly ripped off the title series of photography books published by Henry Carroll, but how ...