Jack Lloyd

I'm a Web Editor, creator of Ramble on Records and part time photographer. Music and Portraits are my passions, for more of my work please visit www.jacklloyd.myportfolio.com

Master Gig Photography with These Eight Top Tips
3 days ago
The tricky thing about gig photography is that every night is going to be different. The crowd, the lighting, the venue, all these aspects play a huge part when it comes to gig photography, and you ne...
Seven Great Places to Shoot Outside of the City
10 days ago
If like me, you live in the middle of nowhere, then finding places to shoot can be a challenge, but some of my favourite shots have come from having a theme in mind and then taking the time to explore...
Five Benefits of Revisiting Old Photos
14 days ago
As a photographer, revisiting old photos can be incredibly valuable, not to mention highly therapeutic. Here are some of the benefits I've found to going through old photos and giving them a new facel...