Harrison Galgut

Professional Wedding, Events and Portrait Photographer. Always looking for new experiences and people to meet. Have a look at my work: www.edit6.co.uk

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Making Sharp Portraits
6 months ago
Over-sharpening images is a very common issue with portraits, but it doesn't have to be; proof shown above.
Portrait Edit
7 months ago
So this is going to be very Photoshop heavy, so once you have your great picture, you could come see if this helps make it better.
8 months ago
Crediting people's work is always an odd topic to talk about. Or at least as I find this, especially at what point do you stop crediting? For example I would be fine not being credited for taking a pi...
10 months ago
In the above image is a portrait of the Student Scout & Guide Organisation (SSAGO) working on the Aberystwyth Club's records. This task is probably not one of the more interesting tasks to photograph,...
Canon vs Nikon
a year ago
This article is about what makes a good camera and how to pick a camera for you. I feel now is a good time to write this article as I have a rather large gathering of cameras in my house. If you have ...
Good Lens vs Better Camera?
a year ago
So a common phrase within photography is this: "You should invest in good lenses before you buy a camera." This phrase is believed to be true and accurate in all circumstances, but I seem to disagree....