Harrison Galgut

Professional Wedding, Events and Portrait Photographer. Always looking for new experiences and people to meet. Have a look at my work: www.edit6.co.uk

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Street Photography: Warning Opinions Present!
21 days ago
Street photography is a really common form of photography, as it is relatively easy to get into—and it's simple to start doing it, and it comes with no guilt, as the law says you can do it. The questi...
Portrait Problems
a month ago
Posing someone is only one part of portraits, as are the camera settings. These two get all the attention, and they don't really deserve it. What is more important is understanding what you are taking...
Phones At Parties: Gift or Curse?
2 months ago
I am going to start by saying this article isn't about the actual ways you should or shouldn't frame a photo, but instead about the abstract idea of language. Mobile phones have become quite a gift to...
Flash Technique
2 months ago
What does shutter speed do? I believe that is a good place to start. Without flash, shutter speed works as a third of the exposure triangle.
Dark and Light? The Art of Subject
3 months ago
We all know about light and how it interacts with a camera. We all know that black and white are dangerous places to play in when editing. Sometimes we all make mistakes when adjusting our shadows and...
Film Is Racist!
4 months ago
So you are probably thinking that I am talking rubbish, but there is history to it. The way in which film was developed was greatly influenced by the early users. History Lesson: In the 1800s, America...