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Professional Wedding, Events and Portrait Photographer. Always looking for new experiences and people to meet.

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Portrait Edit
17 days ago
So this is going to be very Photoshop heavy, so once you have your great picture, you could come see if this helps make it better.
2 months ago
Crediting people's work is always an odd topic to talk about. Or at least as I find this, especially at what point do you stop crediting? For example I would be fine not being credited for taking a pi...
4 months ago
In the above image is a portrait of the Student Scout & Guide Organisation (SSAGO) working on the Aberystwyth Club's records. This task is probably not one of the more interesting tasks to photograph,...
Canon vs Nikon
5 months ago
This article is about what makes a good camera and how to pick a camera for you. I feel now is a good time to write this article as I have a rather large gathering of cameras in my house. If you have ...
Good Lens vs Better Camera?
6 months ago
So a common phrase within photography is this: "You should invest in good lenses before you buy a camera." This phrase is believed to be true and accurate in all circumstances, but I seem to disagree....
First Article: Controversial Topic!!
7 months ago
What is the best lens? Well, this is a controversial topic and I would like to mention that a right answer doesn't exist. It is all about how you use them, but I am going to approach this as an exerci...