Eddie Wong

Lives in Malibu, California. Loves movies. Cutting expert, lover of Final Cut Pro 7. Parents wanted him to be a doctor, but he just wants to edit.

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The 4 Best Subscription Printing Services for Photographers
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The standard camera on an iPhone is good, but it's probably not good enough to really talk about in a circle of serious photographers. Even my friends who have their own small businesses legitimately ...
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The best landscape photobooks grace bookshelves across the nation, and bring happiness to any who may open their pages. Landscape photography is already a delight many amateur photographers and outdoo...
10 Artistic Ways to Use a Disposable Camera
8 months ago
Photographers who are used to shooting with digital cameras don't realize that there are still several ways to use a disposable camera with excellent results. The old ways are sometimes inconvenient a...
Best Photography Filters for Instagram
8 months ago
You hear a lot of jokes about Instagram photographers, but there are several artistic, creative photography filters for Instagram that result in breathtaking pictures. It is one of the best mobile app...