I'm writer/author/ghost writer based in Bali, Indonesia. I love traveling, diving, mountains & photography. My principle,"Life is not just for breathing!" My email : [email protected] , happy to share :)

Why I Love Photography
5 months ago
In an era that everyone who holds a camera will be called a photographer, photography has more and more enthusiasts. Everyday we can enjoy millions of photos scattered on social media, especially on I...
7 Pro Tips for Runway Photography
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6 Tips for Pre-Wedding Photography
6 months ago
To capture the journey of love, is one reason people do pre-wedding photos today. Doing a photo session before the wedding day, has become a trend that many couples do. The concept of photos also vari...
21 Photographer Pages on Facebook That You Have to See
6 months ago
Following the development of photography is very interesting for those of us who have passion in the same world, want to learn, see the latest works, or find out what is done by A Master. Many social ...