David Romanis

David is a musician, photographer, father and food-lover.  His passions and his stories come from experiences that lie therein.  He also works in employee communications, which is how we earns money to pay for the aforementioned activities.

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More than Just a Camera
5 days ago
For the last few years of the Seventies after leaving the Royal Air Force, my Dad took a job that meant he had to spent a decent amount of time in the US. His jobs over the years took him all over the...
Ultimate Slow Photography: When No One Prints or Scans Specialist Negs
7 days ago
For those of you who aren’t familiar with it, the Sprocket Rocket from Lomography.com is a 35mm panoramic camera that exposes the entire width of the film, sprocket holes and all. The plastic lens has...
Seeing the World with a Photographer’s Eye
10 days ago
I don’t know the exact date, but I remember the day on which I started seeing the world differently. Some people have near-death experiences, others have a monumental epiphany. For me, it was when I g...
Why I Fell (Back) in Love with Slow Photography
12 days ago
I read about slow photography a little while ago when I was looking into buying bulk 35mm film and loading my own canisters. It’s predicated on the idea that we shouldn’t hurry the creative process an...