Chase Williams

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The First Memory
3 months ago
When my friend Garred Perronie and I had first performed a photo shoot with us as the subjects to model, I created a video to put in my vlog (AKA a video blog; in "I GOT POWERS" a vlog on my channel). As I finished I made a promise to myself, that I would continue to push more content out, while challenging myself to learn more techniques with my camera, and in post production editing. Now I have a Panasonic LUMIX G7, and ever since I bought it, I've fallen in love with it, as if it were my firs...
The Origin
3 months ago
When Did My Passion for Film Begin?
Freezing Photos
3 months ago
Finally, after finding what I've been chasing most my life, I'm willing to dedicate my time, effort, and comfort to achieving this dream. The dream of becoming one of the most well known filmmakers in the world. This goal in mind, I'm 19, broke, living with my parents, trying to run a company, not going to college, and working a job that I gotta do to make money (stereotypical story you hear from any aspiring dreamer). With my dedication I've managed to say "F#$% You" to my excuses, and push as ...