Many years ago I used to be an entertainer until fate changed my path in life.

I am now an Author of "The Spiritual Truth, a Guide into all Truth by Aunidan Christi," available now on

My hobbies are Photography, Writing and Poetry

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Aspects of Belfast (Pt. 5)
a month ago
As you can see from the above mural and piece of Belfast street art, the subject matter is very varied, as my other stories on Belfast murals and street reveals. Regardless if they historical, politic...
Aspects of Belfast
a month ago
At times I make my photos into pieces of art, which as you can see above is quite effective to the eyes, and for a modern house or office building would be a beautiful addition to any property, with B...
Aspects of Belfast (Pt. 4)
a month ago
Continuing on with the murals and street art pertaining to the trade union of Northern Ireland, above we have the philosopher trade unionist, who would become one of the leaders of the trade union. Tr...
Aspects of Belfast (Pt. 3)
a month ago
As you can see from this and my other posts on Belfast murals and street art, the subject matter is wide and various, with all aspects of life coming from the mural artist and street artists gift and ...
Photography at Its Best 2018
a month ago
It is not until I upload the photos that I take onto my laptop that I truly see the beauty within each photo. In the above photo I was amazed by the capture of the motion within the commotion of the s...
Aspects of Belfast (Pt. 2)
a month ago
Many of the the murals and artwork in and around Belfast and Northern Ireland are generally historical and political. As you can see above, once more we have a mural depicting the Titanic—the ill fate...