Aunidan Christi KPGS

I am the Author of "The Spiritual Truth, a Guide into all Truth by Aunidan Christi," available on

A Child of Wisdom, StoryTeller, Poet and Photographer.

"And Wisdom is vindicated by Her children."

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Photography at Its Best 2018 (Pt. 3)
9 months ago
I took the above photograph on the road to Soller, Mallorca, Spain. It was only when I uploaded it to my laptop that I was stunned by what I was seeing. If you look to the right of the central figures...
Aspects of Belfast (Pt. 6)
9 months ago
No matter what the subject matter of the mural or piece of street art, if I spot it, I will always take a photo of it because in a few months are so, that same piece of art might not be there anymore....
Photography at Its Best 2018 (Pt. 2)
9 months ago
Do not be afraid to take photos of everything you see because as I have already written in my other stories and posts on Vocal, everything you see has its own kind of beauty, and if it captures your e...
Aspects of Belfast (Pt. 5)
9 months ago
As you can see from the above mural and piece of Belfast street art, the subject matter is very varied, as my other stories on Belfast murals and street reveals. Regardless if they historical, politic...
Aspects of Belfast
9 months ago
At times I make my photos into pieces of art, which as you can see above is quite effective to the eyes, and for a modern house or office building would be a beautiful addition to any property, with B...
Aspects of Belfast (Pt. 4)
9 months ago
Continuing on with the murals and street art pertaining to the trade union of Northern Ireland, above we have the philosopher trade unionist, who would become one of the leaders of the trade union. Tr...