Many years ago I used to be an entertainer until fate changed my path in life.

I am now an Author of "The Spiritual Truth, a Guide into all Truth by Aunidan Christi," available now on

My hobbies are Photography, Writing and Poetry

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Photography at Its Best 2018 (Pt. 6)
a month ago
Of all the photographs I have ever taken of Belfast City Hall, Northern Ireland, this one is my favourite. I was travelling through Belfast City at dusk, just after the City Hall night lights came on ...
Photography at Its Best 2018 (Pt. 5)
a month ago
I love this photograph because of the Belfast Shipyard in the background, the tide being out, and the only couple on the beach. That's why I called it "Lovers on the Shore."
Photography at Its Best 2018 (Pt. 4)
a month ago
I actually took this photo when I was smoking and when I uploaded it to my laptop I saw this amazing icy cold face starring back at me, which made me laugh, and once more this tells you to always chec...
Photography at Its Best 2018 (Pt. 3)
a month ago
I took the above photograph on the road to Soller, Mallorca, Spain. It was only when I uploaded it to my laptop that I was stunned by what I was seeing. If you look to the right of the central figures...
Aspects of Belfast (Pt. 6)
a month ago
No matter what the subject matter of the mural or piece of street art, if I spot it, I will always take a photo of it because in a few months are so, that same piece of art might not be there anymore....
Photography at Its Best 2018 (Pt. 2)
a month ago
Do not be afraid to take photos of everything you see because as I have already written in my other stories and posts on Vocal, everything you see has its own kind of beauty, and if it captures your e...