Many years ago I used to be an entertainer until fate changed my path in life.

I am now an Author of "The Spiritual Truth, a Guide into all Truth by Aunidan Christi," available now on

My hobbies are Photography, Writing and Poetry

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Aspects of Belfast (Pt. 9)
a month ago
I remember as a child the photograph of the Pope and John F Kennedy in most Roman Catholic homes, including my own, for the Kennedys were like royalty in the 50's and 60's, and even after that the leg...
Aspects of Belfast (Pt. 8)
a month ago
When you find the Duke of York Bar in Belfast, Northern Ireland, in a courtyard across from it are the following murals and pieces of street art.
Photography at Its Best 2018 (Pt. 9)
a month ago
Belfast City, Northern Ireland is also a City like most with thousands of sculptures, statues and memorials to the famous, and not so famous, of Northern Ireland, and of course Belfast City. I didn't ...
Photography at Its Best 2018 (Pt. 8)
a month ago
The above photograph shows you that anything can be photographed, even a spud in the shape of a heart is nature telling you it loves you, so try and love nature back. So always have your cameras close...
Photography at Its Best 2018 (Pt. 7)
a month ago
The Europa Hotel in Belfast, Northern Ireland was once the most bombed hotel in the world as the Troubles raged in Northern Ireland. Built in 1971, the hotel is a four star rated hotel right smack ban...
Aspects of Belfast (Pt. 7)
a month ago
Once more we have a mural and piece of street art which I cannot explain, except to say, the eyes belong to an aged man, with tired eyes, but then again the eyes are the gateway to your soul which is ...