Many years ago I used to be an entertainer until fate changed my path in life.

I am now an Author of "The Spiritual Truth, a Guide into all Truth by Aunidan Christi," available now on

My hobbies are Photography, Writing and Poetry

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Photography at Its Best (Pt. 13)
22 days ago
Autumn has to be one of the most beautiful seasons in the year, with spring coming in a close second, but for me, autumn is the winner for it colours and beauty be she goes to sleep until spring, and ...
Photography at Its Best (Pt. 12)
24 days ago
As you are walking up the hill to Scrabo Tower, overlooking Newtownards, County Down, Northern Ireland, you begin to appreciate the actual size of one of my ancestor's buildings. Coming from the blood...
Photography at Its Best 2018 (Pt. 11)
25 days ago
The beautiful Cala San Vicente, Mallorca, Spain—one of the most beautiful parts of the world I have ever lived in. Each day was a new day of beauty and exploring, where the sunrises and nightfalls wer...
Photography at Its Best 2018 (Pt. 10)
25 days ago
The Titanic Memorial Garden inside the grounds of Belfast City Hall, Northern Ireland pulls in the visitors to Belfast City, with tourists making up the greater number of visitors, though many within ...
Aspects of Belfast (Pt. 11)
a month ago
The mural street artists, or artists who did all the murals and pieces of street art in and around Commercial Court, Belfast, Northern Ireland are excellent artists, especially when it comes to painti...
Aspects of Belfast (Pt. 10)
a month ago
I was no good at art in school, though I have achieved in producing several pieces of modern art through my brain injury classes, but my true gift is story telling and photography, though the photogra...