Many years ago I used to be an entertainer until fate changed my path in life.

I am now an Author of "The Spiritual Truth, a Guide into all Truth by Aunidan Christi," available now on

My hobbies are Photography, Writing and Poetry

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Photography at Its Best (Pt. 18)
11 days ago
Dunluce Castle is a hidden gem on the North Coast of Northern Ireland, in between Portballintrae and Portrush and is a must visit, especially for those who follow the hit TV series of the Games of Thr...
Photography at Its Best (Pt. 17)
13 days ago
The street performers in Belfast, Northern Ireland is varied in its talent as the next few photographs will show as these acrobats from Africa demonstrate their very talented gifts in street performan...
Photography at Its Best (Pt. 16)
18 days ago
As far as you can see is as flat as can be, and this no one who looks at this photograph can deny, with water always finding its level, and the mountains in the distant being 10-20 miles away, then wh...
Photography at Its Best (Pt. 15)
19 days ago
Once more I bring forth the beautiful colours of autumn, and as a bonus, the movement and flight of birds—once more taken with my Sony Carl Zeiss camera which captures movement amazingly as you can se...
Photography at Its Best (Pt. 14)
20 days ago
Taken from the top floor of the Royal Victoria Hospital, West Belfast, Belfast City, Northern Ireland, as you can see the view is amazing right across the Lower Falls Road, out to the New Lodge flats ...
The GreyLag Geese of the Shankill Estate
20 days ago
Those who have read my other stories and seen the photographs that go along with them, will have seen some of these photographs before, but they are included in this story because this is the amazing ...