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Aspects of Belfast (Pt. 8)

Belfast Murals and Street Art. Part Eight.

Duke of York Bar Belfast.

When you find the Duke of York Bar in Belfast, Northern Ireland, in a courtyard across from it are the following murals and pieces of street art.

The Skull of Women

Strange Magic.

It is only after several years of having this photograph on my various laptops that I truly saw what was in it.

I thought the skull on the top right of my photograph was just a skull until I looked at it more carefully and saw that it was seven naked women, even the teeth I thought were teeth, but in fact they are some of the ladies' feet, which is a very smart mural and piece of street art.

This small mural and piece of street art is in the alleyway heading from the Duke of York Bar in Belfast.

On Your Bike

No Drinking and Driving.

This piece of art is on the building across from the Duke of York; I am not sure what you call the bar the piece of art is on, but it is a very eye catching piece of tongue in cheek art.

John Peel

BBC Radio 1.

The famous BBC 1 DJ, John Peel who was the first DJ to play "Teenage Kicks," by the Irish Punk Band, the Undertones.

John Peel was always pushing new talent on his radio show at the BBC, which saw many struggling bands become overnight stars.



You can find these amazing murals and pieces of street art at 7-11 Commercial Court, Belfast, BT1 2NB, and if you venture through and around the Cathedral Quarter you will find more amazing murals and pieces of street art. 

Big Brother

Big Brother is Watching You.

Some murals and pieces of Belfast street art are very mysterious indeed, with only the artist truly knowing what their art means, so I put my name on a mural or a piece of street art if I do not know its meaning.

The Black Stuff


You cannot come to Northern Ireland or Belfast without trying a pint of the black stuff before you venture out on your exploration of Belfast murals and street art, and then end your day with a few more pints of the black stuff and some entertainment in the many venues in and around the Commercial Court and the Cathedral Quarter.

Lonnie Donegan

King of Skiffle.

Many famous artists are included on the murals and street art of Belfast from actors, actresses, singers, bands, musicians, poets, playwrights, etc...

So the King of Skiffle and Rock 'n' Roll has to be included on the murals and street art of Belfast, Northern Ireland, because many of the artists that followed were brought up with this master of music and song.

Christmas Burglar

Merry Christmas.

With social media being the hub of most peoples' lives in these latter days, more and more properties are being burgled because earthly human beings let the world and their local areas where the are and how long they will be there, regardless if they are on their holidays for weeks. This means the burglars can take their time if you're not close to your neighbours or live in the country, but even at Christmas burglars only need an hour or two to clear a house or business as all around them party and enjoy Christmas.

Be smart this 2018 and put your so-called lifelines down, even for a few hours and talk to each other again, like in the old days, when life was not so fast and furious.

The Elephant in the Room


Technology is the elephant in the room in these latter days, with earthly human beings constantly looking down, and never up as in the old days.

Now mobiles are stuck in peoples' hands 24/7 which is so wrong because families and people in general never truly talk to others anymore.

Remember the good old days when you had to use the phone at the end of the road, or if you were middle-class or upper-class then you would have a phone in the hall, with locks on the middle-class houses phones, put their by their mother? But little did she know you could tap your numbers out with the little points the phone rested upon, and if you had to tap out a high numbers such as 7,8,9 and God forbid 0, then you got your call wrong many times; I even phoned Canada several times which gave the game away to my mother when the telephone bill came in, and that's when you hid or avoided her where possible.

So this Christmas switch your phones off, if even for a few hours, and enjoy quality time with your family and friends; you never know the moment they may have to leave this earth, and regrets truly do control your minds and broken hearts.

If you like my stories and photographs and you can afford to, please leave a tip so I can realize my goal of becoming a professional author, and so I can continue with my photographic projects with a new up to date camera, and to those who have already tipped me and read my blogs, I thank you so much.

Best Wishes:


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