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Aspects of Belfast (Pt. 6)

Belfast Murals and Street Art

The Kiss

No matter what the subject matter of the mural or piece of street art, if I spot it, I will always take a photo of it because in a few months are so, that same piece of art might not be there anymore.

This mural and piece of street art can be found upon the peace wall in West Belfast, Northern, and as you can see, it has many signatures on it from visiting tourists. And of course, it has some graffiti on it, which at times does not make it the most welcoming sight to see on such a beautiful piece of art, but that's modern ways these days.

Graffiti is a lesser talent when it comes to murals and street art, with no thought or little beauty within it. And for most pieces of graffiti it is only someone's name or sign, which if done without thought, can destroy a beautiful mural or piece of street art.

The World's a Stage

The Puppet Master

The mural or piece of street art above is on the fringe of being graffiti, but there is a strange beauty within it, which is why I include it in this part of my latest story on Vocal.

Belfast Shipyard

The Shipyard

As you can see from the mural and piece of street art above, some of them are made out of material depicting the famous Belfast Shipyard, which once was the biggest shipyard in the world. It's still creating masterpieces of the industry, such as oil rigs and wind towers, so the mighty shipyard of Belfast is still up and running, while others around the world have long gone silent.

Aspects of Belfast

The Face of Creation

This is another mural, or piece of street art, that is made out of metal, so I suppose it is a sculpture rather than a mural, but it is still a piece of street art. And if you look closely at the face before you, you will find smaller pieces of art within it, showing different aspects of creativity that come from Northern Ireland.

This piece of art, as with the other murals and pieces of street, art can be found on the peace wall in West Belfast, but you must cross the divide to get to them.

The Girl

Electric Eyes

It always amazes me when I see new Belfast murals or pieces of street art, and to see the work that goes into each one—regardless of the subject matter.

Many of these street artists should be producing their own paintings as well, because their work is so worth seeing and buying, but alas in Belfast they are so behind in coming forward that many pieces of beautiful art remain pieces of art upon Belfast's walls.

I have never even seen any shop or market stall selling these amazing murals and pieces of street art, which by my reckoning would be a goldmine to any who specialized in exhibiting and selling such art.

City Center Art

Punk Girl

The last two murals or pieces of street art are right bang in the center of Belfast, but you will still need to search them out, or have a guide bring you to them. I do not believe there's such a thing in Belfast, or at least Northern Ireland, who do tours on murals or street art, except the political taxi tours, which only take in the political murals and pieces of street art.

You see, most of the murals or pieces of street art are hidden in and around the streets of Belfast City, and need to be searched out by those out there who like to explore the Cities they visit, which is what I like to do.

Harland and Wolff

April 14, 1912

Once a mural and piece of street art depicting the Titanic, the once greatest ocean liner ever built in the world, which as I have already revealed in other stories and posts on Vocal is now being rebuilt in China by a Chinese billionaire and will be ready for sailing in 2020 if fate wills it so.

She will then return to the original place of her sister ship, the true Titanic's birth, Belfast, Northern Ireland, and then sail the exact same route of the ill-fated Titanic one.

Time will tell if this venture is worth taking or will fate play its hand again.

One thing is for sure, the sight of Titanic two sailing up Belfast Lough, into Belfast Harbour and City will be an amazing sight to behold, which will also be a time for amazing photos to share on Vocal and other social media sites you might be on, for all the world to see.

If you can help me with my writing goal of becoming a professional Author and to further my photography projects please leave a tip, and thank you to all of you who have already left me tips, and also to those who have read my stories and posts.

Best Wishes


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