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Aspects of Belfast (Pt. 5)

Belfast Murals and Street Art. Part Five.

Tropical Beauty.

As you can see from the above mural and piece of Belfast street art, the subject matter is very varied, as my other stories on Belfast murals and street reveals.

Regardless if they historical, political murals or simply just Belfast street art and murals, the artists are very talented indeed.

The above mural and piece of Belfast street art can be found in Smithfield, Belfast, which has several pieces of amazing street art around the site of the old market in Smithfield, Belfast.

The Mystery


As the above mural and piece of street art is a mystery to me other than to say it is very red, but still it is a beautiful piece of art which is why I include it in this story, which teaches you also to take photos of everything you see, in Belfast, Northern Ireland if you ever visit it, or even in and around your own cities, or other cities you might visit on your travels.

This mural and piece of street art can be found on North Street Belfast, just down from Peter's Hill on the bottom of the Shankill Road, Belfast.

Wolf Eyes

The Mysterious Eyes.

This Mural and piece of Belfast street art also captured my eyes and imagination because it shows only the eyes of a wolf, one brown and one blue, and I guess the only one who knows its true meaning is the artist who brought forth the mystery of the wolf eyes above, but still it is a beautiful piece of art.

This Mural and piece of street art can also be found on North Street Belfast along with several other prominent murals and pieces of street art and are well worth a look, and a photo or two.

Heverlee Fox


This mural and piece of street art advertises heverlee beer and what I thought it meant was chasing the hair of the dog, which in Northern Ireland means going for an early morning drink after a heavy nights drinking the night before, but once more this mural and piece of street art is a bit of a mystery to me.

I  know it advertises a premium beer, but as for the meaning being chasing the hair of the dog, this is lost in me because the other animal on the mural and piece of Belfast street art is a fox, so this cannot be the meaning of this piece of street art unless the artist is young and hasn't heard the saying, "Chasing the hair of the dog," and has substituted the dog for a fox in their understanding of the saying, or maybe they have brought their own slant on the saying with, "Chasing the hair of the fox," either way it is still a brilliant mural and piece of Belfast street art, which is why these two pieces of street art are included in my story.

The Heverlee Fox and Hair

Fox and Hair.

The above mural and piece of Belfast street art even though it advertises a premium beer is a mystery to me, which is part of the fun of searching out and finding the various murals and pieces of street art, and then taking photos of them for your own enjoyment and the enjoyment of those who you share your photos with through Vocal and other social media sites you might be one.

The Pigeon Club

Home to Roost.

This mural and piece of Belfast street art which can be found once more in Smithfield, Belfast is a mystery to me, though it does advertise Red Agencies, but that could be many companies worldwide with the same name, but because of it beauty and complexity I had to include within this story on Vocal.

Out of all the social media sites I have joined, Vocal is giving me the right platform to show off my photography and photography art, and also to improve my writing skills as I contend with an acquired brain injury and cluster headaches which keep me confined indoors most days, so Vocal has give me a good reason to keep going through my pain and treatment.

At present I am writing my second book on the Spiritual Truth, a Guide into all Truth, with book one already on sale on Amazon, but would like to afford to get my first book and the seven to come on the spiritual truth the right publicity and advertising which costs quite a lot of money.

So if you can could you please leave me a tip or two so I can make my dream come true of becoming an established Author.

My photography is a hobby and will continue when I am able to get out, but my true vocation in life is my writing, which Vocal is helping combine both, which is excellent.

I would also like to thank all who have tipped me so far and read my stories and have seen my photos and records of the beauty of the murals and street art of Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Thank you in advance for your kind tips.

Best Wishes:


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