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Aspects of Belfast (Pt. 4)

Belfast Murals and Street Art. Part Four.

The Trade Unionist.

Continuing on with the murals and street art pertaining to the trade union of Northern Ireland, above we have the philosopher trade unionist, who would become one of the leaders of the trade union.

Trade unionists mainly came from working-class areas of Northern Ireland and many of them were writers, poets, playwrights, actors or simply the common man and woman.

Many became familiar faces in and around Northern Ireland and on television.


I.C.T.U of Northern Ireland

As the above murals and piece of street art shows it was and is not just the adults who involved in the trade union movement of Northern Ireland, and along with this mural and piece of street art comes a sculpture of a trade unionists leader in full flight of shouting out his message to those gathered around him, so you had to be a good orator, confident within your own being to be able to become the voice of the workers, and this is the truth worldwide within those nations who have their own trade unions.

The leaders became small celebrities in their own right and many became involved in politics as well, but all were excellent speakers who got their point across when needed for the people, though as 2018 shows very little has changed for the common man and woman, with the rich still are getting richer and the poor as poor as they ever were. In many parts of the world, the poor are worse off with many nations facing starvation in a world full of enough for all, if only that enough were distributed equally among men and women.

Image a world where all were equal, and we all had the same wages, large houses, cars, holidays, where the surplus of money earned from a business was put into a fund for their own nation and to help with developing other nations far less fortunate than their own.

What a wonderful world that would be.

The Walkout

Striking Workers

When the leaders of the trade union called for strikes, the owners of government and business in general knew how important the trade unions were, though many dug their heels and refused to give way to their workers, be them government workers or private business workers, with the striking workers suffering much more than any rich government or private business owners.

It baffles me why billionaires and millionaires always wish for more than that which they already have because if you are rich or poor. We all come into the world the same way as we go out, through birth and death, regardless if we are rich or poor; and most of the time if you have any assets, relatives fight over them when your gone with many of them squandering that which you built up while alive. What benefit did you truly have with all your wealth, toil and trouble?

The Hands That Built Northern Ireland

Northern Irish Industry

Few truly know how talented those in Northern Ireland truly are from those who built the famous ocean liner, the Titanic, the famous or infamous ship in world history, which is now being replicated and built by a Chinese billionaire and will be ready to sail around 2020 if all goes well. Then it is going to sail the exact same route from Belfast to New York as the Titanic sailed which will be an amazing sight, especially when it arrives in Belfast Harbour, which will draw young and old to its massive size and grandeur. Let's just hope fate does not deal the Titanic 2 the second hand of fate to the legacy of the great ship built in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Among other famous and infamous creations of Northern Ireland was, off course, the DeLorean sports car which was featured in the famous series of movies, Back to the Future, which was its main claim to fame worldwide. As for those who worked on it in Northern Ireland, their jobs and future were not anyway connected to any future or back to the future as the costs of making such a car before its time skyrocketed and the company went bust, leaving thousands of workers and sub-contractors out of work.

Those who were able to afford such luxury and futurism in the day paid around $25,000 for the privilege, a good investment, because the futurist car built in Belfast, Northern Ireland is now worth around $85,000 to $100,000 in today's market; a very smart investment for those wealthy enough to afford it in the day of its first sales.

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