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Aspects of Belfast (Pt. 3)

Belfast Murals and Street Art: Part Three

The Chef.

As you can see from this and my other posts on Belfast murals and street art, the subject matter is wide and various, with all aspects of life coming from the mural artist and street artists gift and hands.

The mural or piece of street art above is situated on High Street, Belfast, Northern Ireland, right next to the Trade Union building and as you can see is a massive piece of art which some talent soul has produced.

Belfast Trade Union Meeting

Workers Meeting.

Transport House was built in 1959 and is the headquarters of the transport and general workers union of Northern Ireland, this is the building upon which the following murals and street art are painted on, and are a most for anyone into murals, street art, art in general and part of the history of Belfast and Northern Ireland in general.

Transport House is an important historical building and monuments to not only architect, but also to the history of the City and Northern Ireland and is one of her first listed buildings, which came about because of her history and modern architecture.

The architect of the buildings was J.J Brennan, and was a first in Belfast for being such a modern piece of architecture, especially in the 1950s, where Belfast was still stuck in a time warp of old Victorian Buildings, and if you look around you and in front of you when you are standing at Transport House, to your right is one of the oldest Methodist Churches in Northern Ireland, and in front of you is the leaning tower of Belfast, the Albert Clock, famous or infamous for being the haunt of the once ladies of the night.

The Leaning Clock of Belfast

Albert Clock Belfast.

Once you find the leaning tower of Belfast, the Albert Clock at the end of High Street Belfast, straight across the street is Transport House and the mural and street art of the chef, my first photo on this post, which is right beside and behind Transport House, the headquarters of the Trade Union in Northern Ireland.

Women Workers of Northern Ireland.

The Lady Workers.

As you can see above, the Trade Union of Northern Ireland was not just for the male workers of Northern Ireland, but also for the female workers who were just as important as the men, even though in 2018, women still are far below men in wages, and fight equally of wages weekly, and this is not just in Belfast or Northern Ireland, but worldwide as your news outlets reveal with the BBC and Google women fighting for equal rights and pay, which is still far off in these so-called modern times, even though without women, no men would be, this men of importance fail to grasp.


Female Machinist 

Once above you can see how important women are to the mural and street art artists, though no mural or piece of street art of note is ever produced without planning permission, or the Councils say so, of that you can be sure and even though the above piece of art once more shows the importance of women in the work place, as already written, they are far from equal in 2018, and with most of the industries which were once prominent in Northern Ireland gone, the murals and street art depicted in this post are of a begone era, sadly.

The Welder

The Female Welder.

Women were and are just as good as men in the same jobs, and in many times better than men at their jobs, and this when it comes to man flu as well, where men cannot make it into work because of their man flu, which is the but of jokes in Northern Ireland, especially among women, who just have to get on with it, be it at home or in work, and if Truth be told are the true heads of the house and country, without whom nothing would work, fact.

As my bio reveals I am an Author who is finding it hard to gain funding for the books on the Spiritual Truth, a Guide into all Truth, which should be out there being read because of the amazing facts within them, so if you could help in any with this venture I would be eternally thankful.

This is why I bring to you my years of photography of all kinds of everything in and around Belfast, Northern Ireland, which is a hobby with me when I can get out of my apartment, where cluster headaches keep me confined most days.

So any kind of help, no matter how small could help achieve my goal or becoming a well known Author, and also to further my photography.

I also thank all who have tipped me so far, and also those who have taken the time to drop by on Vocal to see my stories and the photographs which come with those stories.

Best Wishes:


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