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Aspects of Belfast (Pt. 10)

Belfast Murals and Street Art. Part Ten.

Stephen Nolan.

I was no good at art in school, though I have achieved in producing several pieces of modern art through my brain injury classes, but my true gift is story telling and photography, though the photography is only rarely now with my devastating condition of cluster headaches, which keep me confined indoors most days, so my being able to take many photographs at the moment is few and far between.

I always knew that my back catalogue of photographs would come in handy someday and that day began when I joined Vocal and began to share my stories and photographs with the world, which I have done on Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus and my Blogs. But Vocal has given me an opportunity to reach a new audience with my stories and photographs, plus it is also a good way to train my brain with extra writing and, which in turn exercises my broken brain also.

Having a bad stutter, word association and memory problems means Vocal is my voice to get my stories and photographs out their without explaining them in the Vocal sense, where I would have difficulty articulating myself properly at the moment, so Vocal is an excellent platform to do all the articulating for me until I can get a handle of my speech and memory problems.

As I have already written in previous stories, I have a book out on called, The Spiritual Truth, a Guide into all Truth by Aunidan Christi, which is the first of seven books in the series of books on the "Spiritual Truth" and is cram packed with 527 pages of the most mind-blowing Truth you will ever hear, which also was good practice for the storytelling I am not doing on Vocal.

I recommend this site for whatever line of the arts or employment you find yourself in because all of use have stories to share with the world within us, and plenty of photographs to go with those stories, because people are constantly taking photographs, especially in the last decade or so, but even your old photographs can be photographed and uploaded to your computers and then Vocal or the multitude of other social media sites out there upon earth.

All of us are storytellers and photographers if truth be told, so start your story on Vocal, today.

Film and Dance Music

The Dance of Fame.

DJ Holmes has made his name making music for many famous movie projects and is well respected in both Dance Music circles and the movie industry.

Past and Future

Back to the Future.

The above mural and piece of street art shows the past and the future of its time, when watchtowers and heavy military vehicles were everywhere, and the Delorean futuristic car was in vogue.


It is Psychological.

The detail the murals painters and street artists capture with their gifts is unbelievable, and worthy as a piece of art to sell, which I am sure many of them do.

As written in another story of mine, I have only seen the artists of the political murals at work from time to time, when passing them in a car, but as for the street artists in the Center of Belfast City, they are like Banksy, and seem to do their art in covert operations in the dead of the night because I have never witnessed any of the murals or pieces of street art I have photographed over the years being painted or sprayed.

At the moment I am thinking of spraying my living room in wild colours as a personal touch of my own minds art, and just spray with different colours until all of my living room is finished, which I believe would look very cool indeed, especially if the spray paint was glow in the dark.



Little did any know the prophetic books 1984 would ever come true, but in these latter days, Big Brother is most certainly watching you, through street cameras and your technology, which most use 24/7, so those who use their technology when they are one the go are being tracked everywhere they go, whether they like it or not.

Behind Bars

Drug Dealers Plight.

If you like my stories and photographs please leave a tip or two, as I try to achieve my goal of becoming a professional Author and to continue with my photographic projects.

To those who have already tipped me and read my stories, and saw my photographs, I thank you so very much.

Best Wishes:


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