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Aspects of Belfast (Pt. 1)

Belfast Murals and Street Art

A Hundred Thousand Welcomes

I love photography of all kinds, but one of my favourite subjects to photograph are murals and street art in and around Belfast, Northern Ireland, and when my illnesses allow me, I get out to see what's new around Belfast in regards to murals and street art. I am never disappointed by what I find.

I believe we all have gifts we are born with, some of which manifest when we are young such as amazing sportsmen and women, musicians, singers, actors, writers, artists, etc...

Though most do not find their true path in life until middle or later years, and all of us go through many chopping and changes in life before we find our true goal in life.

As I wrote in my bio, before I was an Author, I was an entertainer, and in between I worked in many different jobs along my path—though photography was always my hobby, giving me a lot of satisfaction when I uploaded the photos I have taken over the years. Murals and street art, however, always catch my eyes and finding new ones fresh to the streets always excites me.

Belfast in a Mural

As you can see from the mural above, many of the street artists incorporate scenes of Belfast, Northern Ireland within their deeper masterpieces, and they are masterpieces, from the big to the small, detailed or simple, all come from the minds and the hands of true artists.

The Duelers

Many of the murals and street art are a mystery to the viewer unless they know the artist or there is an explanation near or around the piece of art, or it has a direct meaning and message.

Ship of Dreams

The above mural shows exactly what I mean, for it shows you the story behind the mural: The Titanic tragedy, the most famous maritime tragedy of them all, the sinking of the ship they said could not be sunk, not even by God. How wrong they were when nature showed her hand, and destiny was the ships fate.

Northern Ireland Beating England

Another mural that lets you know exactly what it means is the one above when little Northern Ireland beat England 1-0 at Windsor Park Football Stadium—a night Northern Ireland will never forget, and as the mural shows, neither will the community or visitors who see this mural of football history.

A Moment in Time

Now even though I think this mysterious mural is beautiful, I am at a loss to what it pertains to. Regardless of me not comprehending its meaning, this still is an elaborate piece of work that only a talented artist could have done.

Murals and street art are amazing to look at, brightening many cities and towns throughout Northern Ireland, and of course throughout the world.

Not so long ago murals and street art were frowned upon by those who ran your countries and councils, but now they are funded and welcomed by those who once frowned upon them and the artists who did them.


I you ever get the chance to visit Northern Ireland, and especially Belfast, then get out and about with your cameras and take as many photographs as your visit allows you because you will not be disappointed in what you see or the photos you will take.

I know there are political tours to take you around various areas of Belfast—which are still divided by religious hate and bigotry—and in these areas, there are many political murals of art that are well worth photographing for their historical importance. But as for street art tours, I do not know if they exist or not, although I would make a good guide in this field of expertise as this blog post and future ones will show.

I hope you enjoy my posts and photos, as well as the stories I bring forth with them. If you can help me acquire new photographic equipment and possibly setting up my own tour business to show off the amazing murals and street art in Belfast and Northern Ireland, I would be eternally grateful.

Best Wishes,


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Aspects of Belfast (Pt. 1)
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