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Aspects of Belfast

My Art Photography 2018: Part 1

Belfast City Hall.

At times I make my photos into pieces of art, which as you can see above is quite effective to the eyes, and for a modern house or office building would be a beautiful addition to any property, with Belfast City's historical past and present visible for all to see within a modern piece of art.

The Twelfth of July

The Little Drummer Boy

When you edit your photos into modern art by changing all your photos editing tools to suit your own unique piece of art, then was comes forth is your own of art, worthy of any exhibition and gallery selling.

The Little Drummer Boy above was taken on the 12th of July, the annual march of bands celebrating the Battle of the Boyne between King William III and his son-in-law and one of my ancestors, King James II of Scotland, Ireland and England.

Yet even King William III of the the House of Orange is one of my ancestors through marriage  to King James Stewart II's daughter, Mary.

Belfast Shipyard Worker

The Shipyard Worker

Now coming from my adopted City of Belfast, Northern Ireland you are never far away from the history of the Titanic, which hits the news from time to time when a new exhibition is about to be shown, and because a Chinese billionaire is making a replica of her, which as already revealed in another of my stories posted will be ready to sail in 2020 or so.

The Shipyard Worker and Crane

Shipyard Worker and Crane

These amazing bronzes can be found in East Belfast and cover the amazing story of the Belfast Shipyard and her workers, who built not only the Titanic, but also many other amazing ships, and in recent years oil rigs and now in 2018, wind farms.

So the Belfast Shipyard, Northern Ireland is very much alive and working for many worldwide companies in 2018, even though the number of workers and their skills have depleted over the years, the famous shipyard is still making waves.

Home Time

Heading Home

Belfast City has many gems hidden away around her streets, all you have to do it get out there and explore those streets for yourselves.

For the history of the Belfast Shipyard and the Titanic it is best for you to visit East Belfast, which is at the heart of the shipyard and her creations.

Past Times

Belfast City Hall and Wheel

The above piece of photography art comes from the past when Belfast City had a big wheel alongside the European Market around the gardens of the City Hall in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Scrabo Tower

Charles William Stewart

The above piece of photography art is about another piece of my ancestors handy work, built by Charles William Stewart, the third Marquess of Londonderry.

Though when he married Francis Anne Vane, this Stewart foolishly changed his surname to Vane and all because of money, which very few true Stewart's would do.

Scrabo Tower towers over County Down and especially Newtownards to nearest town to it, but the tower can be seen almost everywhere in the County Down Peninsula.

City Hall Belfast

Belfast City Hall

Once more the City Hall in Belfast, Northern Ireland is my subject of this piece of modern art photography of historical buildings, which always captures my eyes whenever I pass it.

Why not try to convert your own photographs into amazing pieces of modern art, and share them on Vocal Media and other social media sites you might be on.

Well that's this story and post over and if you can, please leave a tip, even just a $1 would do so I can realize my ambition of becoming a well known Author.

I would also like to continue my hobby and possible career in photography and art, and hope to get new equipment to do so.

I thank all of you who have tipped me so far, you are a blessing, and of course my readers, you to are a blessing.

Best Wishes


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