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Aspects of Belfast 2018: Belfast Continental Market (Pt. 2)

Belfast Continental Market: Part Two

Hot and Steamy

As you walk around the Continental Market in Belfast, your senses come alive with the different colours, sounds, smells, and touches with a wide variety of food, jewelry, clothing, sweets, buns, drink, art, and much more besides.

Let there be light.

Multi-Colour Lighting

I think these lamps would make a perfect gift at Christmas for grandparents, mums, aunties, and even those of younger years if they are into something beautiful and different.

Turkish Plates of Beauty

Beauty in a Plate

The above lamps and plates are all the way from Turkey, and are beautiful coloured art that captures your eyes as you pass by them. They would brighten up any house from breakfast to supper, and from sweets to fruit.

Mix and Match Buns

A Taste of France

With many of the stalls giving away free samples of their food, you could nearly be fed for the day if you were to walk around the market several times LOL.

The Coffee Express

Little Italian

You cannot fail to make a fortune off coffee and hot chocolate. No matter where you are in the world, as most of us know who drinks them.

My guilty pleasure is hot chocolate, which is not good for my figure, but is totally beautiful to drink, though in recent weeks I have reduced my daily drinking of hot chocolate and leave it only as a treat now, instead of daily.

The Macaroon Man

Coconut Delights

Another childhood memory which is dying out in shops all over Northern Ireland, seeing them being produced at the Continental Market brought back so many memories of their unique taste—which was totally tropical with the coconut in them.

South American Clothing

Lama Wool

Look at the colours and the beauty of the South American clothing above! Plus, with winter beginning to bite, there would be no better clothing for yourself and your children to wear as temperatures begin to fall late 2018.

Saint John Nun

Russian Dolls

Once more, it is the amazing. The colours of the ancient dolls and iconic religious art that draws the visitor to the Continental Market in Belfast would be an excellent gift for any girl. As they begin to open each doll there's wonder, excitement, and expectation from the child. It's amazing to watch, and if you get the child early enough, the gift of the Russian Dolls would be cherished into adult years.

Thumbs Up for Mexico

More South American Delights

There are food stalls throughout the market from all corners of the Earth, so those who are adventurist eaters—which I am not—then you will be in food heaven if you try several different dishes or visit the market several times.

Biscuit Heaven

You will, you will, you will.

For those with a sweet tooth, we have amazing biscuits from Italy, but sadly, with one of my health conditions, I was unable to try any food, be it cakes, biscuits, or buns... it all looked lovely and left my mouth watering.

German Sausages

A Little Taste of Germany

The amazing thing about the Continental Market, which comes to Belfast City, Northern Ireland every year, is you can try food you would never have the chance to taste unless you were to visit the countries from where the food comes from—so it is also a learning experience on many levels.

The Pizza Hut

The Oven

Once a taste of Italy with everyone's favorite, except mine, the humble pizza. I have never tried it in my life of 54 years on the plane of Earth.

I am a meat eater, with either nothing but meat, or meat and beans, or meat and chips, with maybe mushrooms and rice at times, though I do eat fruit that I suppose makes up for no vegetables.

Big Grill

Famous German Sausages

The cooked German sausages are always a big hit with those visiting the Continental Market, and as a quick filling snack, they are a must for those who haven't caught lunch or dinner quite yet.

If this grill was in your back garden, you would be a very popular family member and neighbour.

Wooden Wonders

Religious Carvings

Some would call these idols to be avoided at all costs, but these are pieces of religious art created by a souls with a beautiful gift.

Chocolate Heaven

Chocolate Delights

Well, that's my short tour of Belfast's Continental Market 2018 and I hope you liked it.

I you like my stories, poetry, and photographs, please leave a tip so I can achieve my goal of becoming an established author and to continue with my photography projects. And to those who have already tipped me, and read my stories, poetry, and seen my photographs, I thank you so much.

Merry Christmas

Best Wishes


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Aspects of Belfast 2018: Belfast Continental Market (Pt. 2)
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