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Another Portrait Session

Modeling Agencies

Sometimes the profession of photographer calls us to a questioning. I say sometimes, but in reality I should say that the questioning is done constantly. in my case, at least, every time I feel stagnant in my approach I wonder if it's time to hang up and move on. If there are no more challenges, learning stop and passion crumbles. No self-employed person wants to do that. that is why we must always renew ourselves and nowadays we must constantly be present on the platforms of social networks.

Last year again I thought this was the last year for me. Contracts ran smoothly, but the creation was at a minimum. My job was getting pretty random. He was missing the little extra, so minimal he could be, he was indispensable in order to keep me alive.

Get out of my comfort zone, that's what I like most... 

You will tell me that the portrait remains the portrait, but when I was approached for this session it was something else for me. A 15-year-old girl who needs photo pics to make herself known to modeling agencies. For me it was a new challenge. I have often done adult casting photos, with my wonderful makeup artist, crazy set-up, arrangements, big deal. With her, my role as a photographer was more to bring out her natural beauty while asking her not to be too spontaneous, but more calm. I'm more used to waiting for the sudden moment, that little stolen look, that little smirk that did not want to show. this time, I had to respect the standard requested.

And this young woman had everything to help me, we put each other at ease, if I may say so. Once again the beautiful chemistry did half the work, then the technique and the creation embarked. I find it fabulous and I am very happy to know that she will use my photos to go to the agencies to realize her dream of being a model.

However the technique remains the same. Standard lighting, white background without accessories that are harmful at first sight. with a side studio flash installed to my left, a natural light to my right and a reflector to unblock the shadows without making the light uniform and make his face lifeless.

Agencies often ask to see the natural expressions of the face. a more exploded photo can be suggested to give an idea of ​​the personality of the model, but it is important to focus on the candid look, natural hair and simple makeup to avoid especially being in camouflage mode.

If your photos are all the rage, but they do not reflect who you are, you will not have a chance to break into the field. The frills will come when you get a contract for a photo shoot with the agency.

In the meantime, we must be as transparent as possible. 

Thanks to this simple contract, I was able to discover a new facet of the portrait and work on it more by touching more of this type of contract. It also pushed me to approach modeling agencies in the region to learn more about their requirements. Perhaps I would like to have the opportunity to approach photographers in the fashion world to assist and learn.

I offer here the pictures of the session of this young woman who may be present one day in advertisements or your favorite magazines. I would like to boast of having been the first to draw him the portrait... 

How do you find it ?

Caroline Brazeau
Caroline Brazeau

I live in Montreal, this metropolis city of the province of Quebec. I live there and I came to the world. I am a photographer and in less than a year, my family and I will leave for a year traveling in the Americas

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Another Portrait Session
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