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A Start in Photography

And Ultimately Not Being Very Good...

'Not all flowers blossom after it rains' (Model: @AggieFielding) 

Having a father that is a professional photographer (David Fielding Photography), your once loved hobby becomes rather intimidating. At the age of 16, I received my much loved Sony A500 camera, and within a few months I was avidly taking photos and dabbling in YouTube videos. Now, at the age of 18, I wish to turn my passion into something a bit more serious. As I lover of writing, and blogging, I want to be able to take quality photos of my aspiring model friends, to go along side my posts. But, this is much harder than I first anticipated...

Firstly, I am so scared of breaking my camera. This is something I genuinely have nightmares about... Like seriously, it petrifies me. My camera is so personal to me and I have to a deep emotional attachment to it, that if anything were to happen to it, I don't think I could really forgive myself. And yes, there have been a couple close calls. (Note to self, don't take it out in the snow, however much you may want snow photos). This fear restricts me as I don't really like to take it out, and dare on holiday to another country. This is something I really slowly am overcoming, but still it's made my move to serious photography a little harder.

Secondly, it actually takes skill. Many think that taking a good photo is just luck, but no... There are so many factors that make a good photo, and you have to try and achieve them all. You have to make sure the camera is on the right setting, that your lighting is okay, and if not you'll need to change your cameras settings, and then if it is in focus, then you need to consider angles too. There is so much to think about, it takes me roughly about ten attempts to even start to get what I want out of the photo.

Thirdly, you need a good model... Now I don't mean to sound shallow, but some people just aren't photogenic, normally down to the fact that they don't know what to do and thus, they just kind of stand there awkwardly, like a lost puppy. Helpless. You need someone that is confident, can be super smiley or rather moody, and simply owns it.

Finally, setting and what is in the photo, this includes what the model wears, from clothes to makeup. You have to make sure that the photo doesn't look crowded, on the other hand you don't want it to appear empty either because then the focus of the photo is lost. When someone looks at the photo you want it to capture their attention and imagination so that they really look at the photo deeper.

Often in life, things are easier said than done, and photography is definitely one of those situations. I guess it is one of those things you just have to keep working at, kind like life, to make the perfect picture.



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A Start in Photography
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