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6 Tips for Pre-Wedding Photography

Immortality of Love Through the Lens

Photo © Doddy Sudibia | Dibia Photography

To capture the journey of love, is one reason people do pre-wedding photos today. Doing a photo session before the wedding day, has become a trend that many couples do. The concept of photos also varies, usually couples have chosen a concept that suits their character. Classic, casual, ethnic, elegant, traditional, glamour, vintage and many other creative concept choices. To realize their dreams, that is the job of a photographer!

As a photographer who will do pre-wedding photos, of course you have to prepare a lot things to be able to realize the wishes of your clients as they expect. To find out how to do Pre-Wedding photography, I did a brief interview with Doddy Sudibia as the founder of Dibia Photography in Bali. What are his tips? Check it out... 

1. Communication Skills with Clients

Photo © Doddy Sudibia | Dibia Photography

Not only good photography techniques are needed, but good communication skills from the beginning to meet with clients are also needed to determine the appropriate concept, location indoors or outdoors, time and clothes. Understand your client's character, their dreams and giving the best advice through good communication.

2. Fit Physical Condition

Photo © Doddy Sudibia | Dibia Photography

To do the pre-wedding photo shot, it requires a fit of stamina. Because pre-wedding photos can be done in several locations in one day, especially the distance between locations is far apart and is done during the daytime. To be able to stay focused and work in detail, of course it needs a fit stamina condition.

3. Understand that Your Client is Not A Model

Photo © Doddy Sudibia | Dibia Photography

It takes patience when you do the shooting process because your clients are not models who are already usual stylish in front of the camera. Maybe they are embarrassed to intimate pose in front of you, rigid style with not good smile. The solution to this is you can invite them to talk more and discuss before and during the photo shoot so that they feel close and comfortable with you.

4. Understand Location and On Time

Photo © Doddy Sudibia | Dibia Photography

To understand the location chosen for pre-wedding also very important. For outdoors, so you won't miss moments like sunrise or sunset. For indoors, you need to prepare lighting if you know there is less light. Understanding the location can also help determine the type and color of clothes that should be used so the photos will look beautiful.

5. Photography Equipment

Photo © Doddy Sudibia | Dibia Photography

For outdoors locations, I usually carry two cameras so I don't spend time changing lenses and don't lose moments. For lenses at outdoors locations, I use a fix lens, wide, tele, depending on location. For indoors, I often use a wide and fix 50 mm lens for close up. Other equipment is flash, battery and memory cards usually often forget still on the computer card reader or laptop.

6. Outdoors or Indoors?

Photo © Doddy Sudibia | Dibia Photography

Outdoor or indoor locations have their respective strengths and weaknesses. If outdoors, we can explore the beauty of nature but the obstacles if it rains. But I still prefer outdoors than indoors, we more able to explore natural beauty, it's more fun.

That's my short interview with a self-taught photographer who began focus on pre-wedding photography since two years ago. Hopefully it can give you inspiration and motivation to continue learning. 

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6 Tips for Pre-Wedding Photography
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