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21 Photographer Pages on Facebook That You Have to See

It's not just about works, it's a journey of a photographer.

Following the development of photography is very interesting for those of us who have passion in the same world, want to learn, see the latest works, or find out what is done by A Master. Many social media platforms are used by photographers to promote their works. Besides Instagram, Facebook also has a big influence.

As a photography lover, I observe the works of photographers through Facebook and I love to share it, I can learn a lot from a photography page like the wisdom of  "Follow the Master." In addition to seeing the latest works, we can also know information about the photographer's biography, their workshops, detailed information on their website, awards, tutorials, and videos that can inspire and encourage us to continue learning. It's not just about works, it's a journey of a photographer. For photography fans like me, they are the idols I want to meet someday and follow their workshop.

So, these are 21 photographer pages on Facebook that you have to see:

1. Alberto Ghizzi Panizza - Passione Fotografica

He is a great photographer of Nikon School Master from Italy. From his photography page, you can see incredible macro photography techniques and beautiful works. He also often holds workshops, so if you want to follow him, you can find detailed information on his page.

2. Daniel Kordan

If you see this page, you only want to do one thing: Travel! He has traveled to many places and his works are truly amazing.

3. Enrico Fossati Fine Art Photography

He is amazing photographer based in Northern Italy. He loves to capture the beauty of nature and landscapes with special moody atmospheres.

4. Paul Zizka Photography

He is an award-winning professional mountain adventure and landscape photographer based in Banff, Alberta. All of his incredible works are amazing. I love his works in a combination of landscape and self-portrait.

5. Iurie Belegurschi

He is a renowned landscape photographer based in Iceland and the founder of Iceland Photo Tours. You can see the beauty of Iceland on his page. It's really amazing.

6. DK Photography

They are Australian photographers based on the Gold Coast with a strong passion for landscapes and astro photography. You can see their amazing works above.

7. Erin Babnik Photography

She is a great landscape photographer, speaker, writer, and educator based out of California and Slovenia. She is truly an incredible person with extraordinary works.

8. Michael Shainblum Photography

He is a landscape, time-lapse, and aerial photographer based in San Francisco, California. He has been working professionally as a photographer and filmmaker since the age of 16.

9. Juan Pablo De Miguel Photography

He is an editorial, landscape, and cityscape photographer based in Madrid, Spain. He has a unique style to his artistic signature.

10. Guerel Sahin

He is amazing photographer from Kaiserslautern, Germany. He has amazing works of his adventurers that you must see!

11. Iván Ferrero -Photography-

When you visit this page, you will see the beauty of the works of a specialist photographer in landscape photography. His works is amazing, and he is another one you have to see!

12. Viktoria Haack Photography

She is an amazing photographer of landscape, portraits, weddings, events, promotional, editorial, stock, and educational photography education. She's originally from the UK, but is a resident of BC, Canada since 2007.

13. Chris Burkard Photography

He is a self-taught photographer and artist based in Central Coast, California. He uses photography as a means to inspire others to travel, find joy, and seek experiences out of their comfort zone.

14. Joel Santos - Photography

He is travel photographer, leads photo tours all over the world, and he's an author of eight books based in Lisbon, Portugal.

15. Alexandra Evang Photographie

You can see the beauty of photos with horses here. Find out more about her workshop on her page because she is amazing photographer—based in Germany.

16. Andy Seliverstoff Photography

He is an amazing photographer of "Dog and Kids" photography. He is based out of St. Petersburg, Russia. You will see many beautiful works about children playing with their dogs in a natural style.

17. Martin Podt Photography

If you want to see the beauty of the forest, you can see it on this photography page. He is an award-winning photographer from Holten, Netherlands.

18. Ben Thouard Photography

If you love the sea then you will love this page. You can enjoy beautiful works about waves and surfing. He is incredible ocean photographer from France.

19. Javier de la Torre Photography

He is a professional photographer from Madrid, Spain. You will see many beautiful works here. He is really an amazing photographer.

20. Vassilis Tangoulis-Fine Art Photography

For lovers of black and white photography, you must visit this page. He has been a recipient of multiple international awards for his "Black and White" long-exposure works.

21. Andrew Studer

He is a professional outdoor commercial photographer and his amazing works will inspire you with the world's most beautiful waterfalls, mountains, forests, and natural phenomenons. For you traveling lovers, you have to visit this page.

Well, that's 21 photography pages on Facebook that I recommend to you visit! Hopefully you find them useful and they can give you inspiration to learn more about the world of photography.

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21 Photographer Pages on Facebook That You Have to See
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