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10 Useful Camera Accessories Under $50

Looking for great-quality, but affordable, camera accessories to fulfill your photography needs? These are the best useful camera accessories under $50 you can get right now!

There's a ton of different camera accessories out there that can benefit your photographing. From external flash lights to filters, reflectors, and high-capacity camera bags, getting your hands on any of these extras can actually make your photos turn out professional. Plus, you can never have too much photography equipment on you! The more the merrier. And honestly, the more you have, the more of a professional photographer you'll come off as.

However, as much as we want to get our hands on all of the camera accessories out there... they're pretty expensive. Actually, they're ridiculously expensive. There are camera lenses that can cost up to $550, flash lights for $300, and filters for $250. While some of us don't feel like or actually don't have the money to spend so much on a single accessory, there are really affordable camera additions that perform just as great! These are the most useful camera accessories under $50 that work wonders, and probably even better than the pricy versions.

Canon Flash Light by Powerextra — $28.99

Flash lights are essential in photography. You want to be casting more light on your main subject and brightening its shadows. But there are so many expensive flash lights out there that work perfectly. However, this specific flash light isn't no where near pricy and its performance is ideal.

Powerextra's Canon exterior flash light is just $28.99 and it can always give you the best lighting. Perfect for Canon cameras, this flash light  pairs well with Nikon, Olympus, Samsung, and others. Powered with 4 x AA batteries, its flash control is magnitude eight in brightness. And from its highly sensitive wireless sensor, the camera can trigger the flash in the far distance.

50" Silver Tripod by Targus — $12.99

Want your camera to constantly be steady when snapping photos or even taking videos? Among the most useful camera accessories under $50, Targus's tripod is very sturdy with an amazing price of just $12.99! Most tripods are pretty expensive, but this tripod is both cheap in price and durable in action. 

From the quick release feature, you can switch to handheld shooting in an instant. The tripod can fold down to 50 inches to a compact 17 inches for storage or transportation. With the bubble level for precise balance, it also features a three-way pan head that's designed to move the camera easier. This tripod is also among the best accessories every photographer needs.

Deluxe Camera/Video Padded Backpack by eCost — $19.95

This awesome backpack is definitely one of the best and most useful camera accessories under $50. For a simple $19.95, you're getting a hefty photography backpack that includes so many padded compartments for all of your camera equipment and much more. Ideal for traveling and hiking up the mountains to capture stunning photos of the view, eCost's deluxe backpack can store everything you need for your travels!

The backpack features seven inside dividers and two side pockets. From storing your camera to the lenses, flash lights, memory cards, and so much more, all of your belongings will be perfectly safe and unharmed from the thick padding. 

Mini Flash Diffuser by Insignia — $14.99

To achieve soft lighting in your photos, flash diffusers work wonders. They're great for portrait photos and attempting to put gentle lighting on the subject. While some of them are out of our price range, this one isn't. And for just $14.99, you're getting the ideal diffuser to control all of your harsh flash lighting!

Insignia's mini flash diffuser makes it really easy to travel with, and any of your exterior flash lights can perfectly fit in this. For soft shadows and gentle lighting, you can't go wrong with this specific diffuser. While it is mini, it still certainly gets the job done, since it's one of the useful camera accessories under $50.

Photographic Solutions Sensor Swab Ultra Kit by Photosol — $21.95

Over time and constantly using the camera and its equipment, they do get dirty. They start to collect dust, particles from the air get stuck in the lenses, and the camera itself is covered in... straight filth. If your lenses are dirty, this can impact the way all of your photos will look. For crystal clear photos, you should always clean the lenses and any other essential accessory.

And this cleaning kit by Photosol is specifically known to make all of your photography essentials spotless! This kit comes with Sensor Swab ULTRA, PEC*PADs, e-Wipe Pad, Eclipse Optical Cleaning Fluid, and a traveling pouch to put everything in it. Your equipment will always look their best if you're cleaning them up with Photosol's cleaning kit.

52mm Lens Filter Set by Polaroid — $24.99

Polaroid 52mm Lens Filter Set Multi PL4FIL52 - Best Buy
POLAROID 52mm Lens Filter Set: Compatible with most digital cameras with a 52mm lens; UV, CPL, FLD and warming lens filters; nylon filter case included

Want to use the coolest filters for your photos, but all of the filters that you've seen are way out of your price range? From the awesome and useful camera accessories under $50, Polaroid's filter set is only $24.99 and they can make all of your photos appear their best. Filters make photos out of the ordinary and genuine, and that's what photography is mainly about!

Shoot some breathtaking photos while using any of these filters on your camera's lens. The set comes with UV, CPL, FLD, and warming lens filters for you to express your creativity and get right into the diversity of photography! 

Camera Equipment Bag by eCost — $7.95

Love the camera backpack, but need something a bit smaller and easier to travel with when roaming around the grounds? For a minor price of $7.95, this soft padded camera bag can keep your camera safe from anything while you're traveling with it! In a sleek and professional design, this bag can easily be strapped over your shoulder for effortless carrying. 

With two side pockets and a one piece divider, you can store your camera along with the flash light, lens, and batteries and memory cards in the side pockets. If you don't want to take all of your equipment with you when planning to take simple nature photos, this bag for traveling can store the little things that you need.

LH-X100B Dedicated Lens Hood by Vello — $21.50

Among the most useful camera accessories under $50 you can get your hands on right now, Vello's lens hood can actually prevent any unwanted lighting into the photo. Since there are times where you can't control the stray lights entering your photo, you can with this lens hood! And it's only $21.50, which is amazingly cheap for an accessory that works perfectly.

While minimizing flare and blocking out stray light, this lens is specifically meant for Fujifilm’s cameras. Also, since the lens hood is extended, this can protect your actual lens from any damages if you suddenly dropped it.

Geometric Neoprene Camera Strap by USA Gear — $14.99

Don't you just hate having to carry your camera around in your hands? Give your hands a break with one of the stylish and most useful camera accessories under $50. USA Gear's camera strap can ideally grip and carry your camera right around your neck.

While it's securely fastened onto your camera, the thick strap makes it difficult for it to tear, too. Not to mention that the design on this camera strap is beautiful. Designed in a geometric neoprene, it's both appealing and well-built! It's also one of the best camera straps the photographer in you needs.

5-in-1 32" Collapsible Light Reflector by Insignia — $39.99

Last, but not least, from the best useful camera accessories under $50 to purchase now, is this light reflector. Light reflectors are known to bring in natural lighting from another light source like the sun or artificial lighting. To cast a hint of light into the photo, reflectors do it best.

However, light reflectors can actually be really expensive. But luckily, I've found one that's just $39.99! Insignia's light reflector features five colored surfaces for any type of lighting. Ideal for indoors and outdoors, this 32 inch reflector can be folded to a third of its size, which makes traveling with it a breeze!

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