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10 Scrapbooking Tips for Newbies

Want a pretty album, but never made a scrapbook before? Make the memory book of your dreams with these easy scrapbooking tips!

I remember the first time I really laid my eyes on a scrapbook.

Coming from a family that believed that "photos are private things," and that showing pictures of ourselves was strictly a low class thing, I never really had many photographs taken of me. My friend, who was raised in a similar manner, only had paintings and drawings of the family in rooms where guests were allowed.

On the rare occasion I would be allowed to have a photo taken, it'd usually end up in an album or a box. My family, as well as my best friend's family, didn't "do" scrapbooking. It was just not deemed a good use of time, and the pursuit of studying or fine arts was seen as more appropriate.

When I was in middle school, I went over to a classmate's house for the first time. He had a massive family scrapbook, and I was amazed. His parents put such love and care into making a scrapbook! I was enthralled!

Eventually, I made a silent promise to myself that I would make a scrapbook one of these days. I started to look into scrapbooking tips for newbies to help me out.

While I'm still saving up money for my wedding scrapbook plans, I can say that these tips have still helped me plan things out amazingly well.

First off, have a plan and have some inspiration.

This was one of the first scrapbooking tips I learned, and I'm thankful it was. Contrary to what the name might suggest, a scrapbook really isn't something that you're supposed to fill with scraps. It should have an overall theme.

Before you put together your scrapbook, come up with a good theme—including things like color schemes, which photos you'd want to use, and whatever other things you'll need. The sooner you come up with your scrapbooking vision, the better off you'll be.

If you're really nervous about curating your own scrapbook, I strongly suggest using a scrapbooking kit for your first run. Personally, that's what I'm probably going to base most of my wedding scrapbook off.

Put together your scrapbook layout before you glue it all down.

I made this mistake when I first tried to make a scrapbook page for a friend. I thought I could just paste everything down and have it turn out great—and I was wrong.

It's not enough to just plan out the theme of your scrapbook. You need to "dry test" each page layout before you glue it down. Otherwise, you're going to probably end up with a sloppy layout you'll regret later.

Buy scrapbooking supplies in bulk.

The first thing that I learned about scrapbooking was how expensive it was. I mean, this is not a cheap craft! A simple pack of stickers can cost as much as $12 if you buy them solo. It's pretty insane, when you realize how much you're paying for a piece of paper with glue stuck to it.

Thankfully, there is a good way to cut costs when it comes to this hobby. The easiest way to do so is to buy in bulk—paper, stickers, banners, ribbons, and everything else. This is also one of the better tips for Pinterest crafts at home.

Make sure the paper you get is high quality.

I was warned about this from a veteran scrapbooker I know, and it's definitely something to keep in mind. Scrapbooks take a lot of time and money to create—at least, if you want to make a pretty one.

The worst thing that you can see happen to a beloved scrapbook is watch as it turns yellow and loses its appeal. That's why it's important to look for scrapbook pages that involve acid-free papers. I'd also suggest buying page protectors and investing in high quality card stock, too.

Don't be afraid to splurge on pretty embellishments.

As pricey as it may be to start a scrapbooking hobby, the truth is that some pricey embellishments are worth it. The right sticker or paper cutout can create an amazing focal point for your scrapbook page—or just add the right amount of snark.

Even if it is a pricey piece, it's better to just splurge knowing it can make your scrapbook feel complete.

If you can, bring your photos with you while you shop.

I've personally found that the best way to work with a scrapbook plan is to shop in a retail store for the most important supplies—especially when it comes to things like the papers, photo frames, and stickers.

When you actually have the photos in your hand, you can "measure up" what you're going to get. This makes it easier to figure out what scraps are worth buying, what colors will coordinate better, and how to make your page pop.

Buy two of what you really adore.

Don't ask me how or why, but there is some sort of universal rule that good scrapbooking supplies always go quick. Whether it's a nice set of stickers, some cute baubles, or just a really pretty page, I can guarantee you that it'll vanish in the blink of an eye.

I strongly suggest stocking up when you find some really nice supplies. You don't know if you'll find them again!

Don't waste good scrapbooking time on bad photos.

This might be one of the more "well duh," scrapbooking tips I've had to learn the hard way—and I probably should have figured it out sooner. If you lacked common sense like I did, let me fill you in...

Scrapbooking is meant to showcase beautiful memories and show life in its finest form. Most scrapbookers also want photos that are flattering in their pages. Though scrapbooking can dress up an event pretty well, it's not a miracle-working craft.

What I'm saying is that you shouldn't have photos that don't do anything for you in your book, and you may even want to utilize the easiest ways to professionally edit your photos before printing them for your scrapbook. If they are blurry, unflattering, or just plain bad, they will not do well in your scrapbook.

Use scrapbooking as a time to bond.

Remember when I told you about my classmate at school? I asked him about how his parents made such a pretty scrapbook. He explained to me that the way it was done was to use it as a way to bond with the family. Every member had a role in the time they scrapbooked together.

The more I thought about it, the more awesome of a family bonding night idea it was. It helped cement the time they spent together.

Seek out tutorials online if you need help.

If you're still looking for more scrapbooking tips, then the best place to go to find more is on YouTube. A lot of professional-grade scrapbookers offer up video tutorials that show you how to make the most of your materials and photos.

These tutorials do a better job of explaining things than I ever could, which is why I'm such a huge advocate for them. With a little searching, you can put together an amazing scrapbook!

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10 Scrapbooking Tips for Newbies
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