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10 Best 35mm Film Cameras for Beginners

Though they might be hard to find, these are the best 35mm film cameras for beginners to learn all the basics of photography.

When stepping into the world of photography, the variety of different camera models can be overwhelming. That's why we are suggesting some of the easiest technology to use, which are 35mm film cameras. Though they might not be the most up-to-date cameras, they will be used to help mold you into the photographer you see yourself being. 

These are the top 10 best 35mm film cameras for beginners, and what makes each of them special. Which will be your next photography companion? Help bring film back to life. 

Minolta X-700 35mm SLR Camera by Konica-Minolta

Known for its popularity in the 80s, the Minolta Maxxum 700 is one of the best 35mm film cameras for beginners because of its easy to use format and crisp picture. First produced in 1985, it was the first autofocus and motorized film camera that introduced these incredible features to the photography world. 

With exposure adjusts, a shutter speed of 30s to 1/2,000s and a self-timer, this product is great for those of you looking for a first camera. Plus, its automatic focusing is a feature that not many film cameras have. 

Pentax k1000 25mm SLR Film Camera with 50mm Lens Kit by Pentax

Released in 1976, the Pentax K1000 is one of the best 35mm film cameras for beginners, because it has just the right amount of performance ability for a starter. As an affordable product with still obtainable parts online, the manual setup and full mechanical technology, the camera is great to purchase as your first camera.

If you're looking to dive into the world fo 35mm photography, this is a great place to begin, without forking over too much cash, and obtaining a quality tool. 

Yashica FX-3 FX3 FX 3 Super SLR Camera Body by Yashica

First released in 1979, the Yashica was a staple camera to the time and is compatible with two different brand's lenses. As a major plus, this film camera can be used with any Tashica or Contax lenses. 

As one of the best 35mm film cameras for beginners, Yashica is a small, lightweight model with manual features like a focal plane shutter and beginner-style compatibility. 

Pentax LX 35mm SLR Film Camera by Pentax

The Pentax LX is 35mm film compatible, lightweight, and perfect for beginners. First being released in 1980, the camera is a classic option for easy-to-use products in the photography world. With a compact size and professional technology, this camera was a milestone maker at the time of its release.

With black chrome and a black finish, it's hard to see any wear or tear, even after being around since 1980. Plus, it's great for long exposure shots and self-timed photos. 

Vintage Canon AE-1 Program 35mm SLR Camera with 50mm by Canon

With an automatic exposure mode, shutter priority, and aperture priority, the Canon AE-1 is one of the best film cameras because it can be taken anywhere, and is typically pretty cheap. 

With manual adjustments, the camera is perfect to learn the basics of photography, and has a simple automatic mode as well. Plus, with a timer and exposure lock, the camera seems to cover all the bases, while being exceptionally sturdy. Making it among the best 35mm film cameras for beginners.

Rollei 35 S Camera w Zeiss Sonnar 40mm f2.8 Lens by Rollei

1966 was the year that Rollei released their 35 S camera, which is still today one of the best 35mm film cameras for beginners. Some of the features include a shutter speed of 1/2s to 1/500s, as well as double exposure and a CDs photoresistor lightmeter.

When purchasing this camera, keep in mind that it performs best if you are tiring to obtain sharp images, and is mostly on the market for photography enthusiasts. 

Nikon N6006 35mm SLR Auto Focus AF Film Camera by Nikon

Nikon, of course, is a brand to one of the best 35mm film cameras for beginners, the N6006. With predictive focus tracking and a shutter speed of 30 to 1/2000 per second, the camera is great for those photographers who need a basic tool to their creativity. 

As a lightweight and compact technology, the camera is compatible with many lenses that will take your picture taking up a notch without having to break the bank on the camera body itself. 

Minolta XD-11 35mm Film by Minolta

Released in 1977, the Minolta XD-11 was one of the top cameras on the market. Today, it still stands as one of the best 35mm film cameras for beginners. 

Perfect for creatives alike, the self-timer, exposure adjustments, and viewfinder are all aspects of this camera that make it perfect for starting out. Plus, it has a versatile and sturdy exterior, as well as a shutter mode.

Olympus OM-1 35mm Film Camera by Olympus

From 1972, the Olympus OM-1 is a top contender for first camera purchases because it is well-built and perfect for learning the basics. Among film cameras, this product has great lens quality, as well as a range of accessories that are still accessible to amp up your photography. 

Plus, it isn't bulky whatsoever and will last you a lifetime with its sturdy built and easy to transport body. 

Minolta Maxxum 700 by Minolta

We will finish off our list of the best 35mm film cameras for beginners with the Minolta Maxxum 700 because of its fast focusing and easy to use format. 

With auto, manual, shutter priority, and aperture priority, these basics are all a photography beginner need. Plus, it's compatible with older manual focus lenses and has the same lens mount from 1985 today. 

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10 Best 35mm Film Cameras for Beginners
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